Fabric sofas


Serious about quality

We want you to love the things you buy from us for a long time. That’s why we never stop working to improve the quality of our products.

Take the FINNALA sofa with chaise, for example. We are currently working to improve the quality of its cushions to meet the demands that everyday life puts on a sofa.

For this reason, the FINNALA sofa with chaise featured on page 223 of the FY21 IKEA catalogue, is temporarily unavailable.

2021 IKEA Catalogue

Room for everything on the right sofa

Hanging out with friends, family and loved ones? Or just relaxing on your own? Whether reading a book, having a party or taking a quick nap, you’re likely to spend quite some time on your sofa. That's why choosing a new sofa is an important decision. And if you’re considering a fabric sofa – you’ve come to the right place!

Fabric sofas in different styles

In our wide selection, you’ll find a fabric sofa for any style and need. Our designs go from traditional and classic to contemporary and modern. And most of our fabric sofas come with multiple choices of fabrics and colours, with varying degrees of lustre and shine.

Best of all, if you get tired of your sofa – many of our fabric sofas have covers that can easily be changed. This way, you can choose a new sofa cover and get a completely new look without having to buy a brand new piece of furniture.

Comfortable fabrics

One of the advantages of a fabric sofa is that the fabric helps you regulate temperature.

If it’s cold in the room, you’ll appreciate that the fabric doesn’t absorb the cold. This helps you keep warm. Add a cozy blanket or throw and you’re all set for snuggling up on chilly evenings. At the same time, if the room gets hot, the fabric won’t retain too much heat and get sticky. This helps you keep cool and avoid sweat.

Size matters – fabric sofas for every room and space

In our wide selection of fabric sofas, you can find a fit for any room. Choose a small and comfortable loveseat sofa for a guest room or small bedroom. Or take a look at our majestic sectionals that can fit your whole family. Or simply browse our range to find the right size for your home.

Practical and washable fabrics

Spills are no small consideration when it comes to fabric sofas. Luckily – plenty of our sofas have removable covers that can be washed in any washing machine. If you’re worried about stains, ease your mind by making sure to choose a sofa that comes with washable covers.