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Cookware & tableware

Make food go further

20% off* KORKEN food storage

October 1 - 31

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Who loves leftovers?

We all love to eat, and cooking for fun has become bigger than ever. On the flip side, that can mean an overabundance of food and, unfortunately, a lot of waste. The first law of food waste: if you can see it, you’ll eat it. That’s why neat, transparent food storage is so important. It helps you to keep stock of what food you already have, so you’ll use it before it expires and skip unnecessary extra trips to the supermarket.

Shop IKEA 365+ food storage series
Shop IKEA 365+ food storage series

IKEA 365+ Food container with lid, square/glass

Guides to sustainable living

To live in a healthy, environmentally-friendly way is easier and more affordable than ever. These guides offer practical ideas that can make your home more sustainable – both to save you money and to help preserve precious resources.

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Practical and personal

Whether you’re storing your homemade tomato sauce or favourite loose-leaf tea, we have a container that fits your needs and your space! Stain resisting glass with snap-and-lock lids prevents leakage while our jars create an aroma tight seal (which makes it perfect for preserving your favorite homemade jams and jellies). Ideal for both transporting and storing food!

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Shop jars & tins

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