Top Rated IKEA Products

Top Rated

We've compiled some of our most loved items from every category so you can shop with ease. Explore our amazing customer reviews to learn what makes these products favourites.

"Solid platform that takes up minimum space but provides maximum storage. Also, the headboard is a space saver and yet flexible."


"Kids love it! They learn to organize their toys themselves."


"Very good quality! I have two of these!"


"It was the perfect finishing touch to my livingroom"


"This chair is perfect for reading and relaxing. It supports me in all the right places."


"Can be used on its side or upright. This makes it is to use in multiple situations"

Mary Vic

"You will not find a large container at a better price! These are also stackable."


"This is an excellent cart for the kitchen. I use it all the time. Very sturdy."