Improve your life at home without leaving it

More than ever, your home is the most important place in the world. Make the most of your indoor life together. Whatever you need, is open for you.

Make your workspace work at home

Working and studying long hours at home is different, but it doesn't have to be difficult. With smart planning, everybody in your family can have a comfortable, undisturbed space of their own to focus.

When school is all about homework

Doing homework for days in a row may be challenging for kids, with all the distractions and toys around. We’ve got plenty of products that will help you can make a secluded area for your kid, with a workspace to study and keep pens, rulers, and books in order.

Let’s play and have fun

Playing is easy, and the kids will love having you join in. Why not open a café, raise piglets, or build the world's longest railroad? Whatever toys, crayons, and costumes you provide, a little imagination will do the rest. Choo, choo – let the fun begin!

Baking with the little chefs

Nothing brings a family together like some flour, water, yeast, and cinnamon sugar. Everyone can join in playing with (or kneading) the dough, creating the buns, and sharing in the reward of fresh rolls and a glass of milk. We have everything you need to enjoy a baking session with your kids.

Less commuting, more mornings

When our homes become a workplace and classroom, let’s not forget the simple pleasures that only the home offers. Like wearing pajamas all day, reading the morning paper, and surprising our loved ones with breakfast together in bed. A croissant, anyone?

Turn every dinner into a Sunday dinner

With more time to prepare, you can make every family meal a feast. Rediscover those old family recipes, soak the beans overnight, and let the steak slow-cook to perfection. When dinner is ready, there will be plenty of time to enjoy both the food and the company.

Always a great meal at hand

A lot of dishes can be cooked in larger quantities. With a set of smart storage jars, you can fill up your fridge with stews, soups, leftovers, or whatever you and your family love for a snack or lunch. It’s both economical and sustainable. Since the jars are made of glass, you’ll quickly identify what’s what.

Keeping up a healthy habit

Without our regular active life, training at home could save the day. You don’t need much. A clear surface for you to stretch out, your equipment, and willpower. With furniture that’s lightweight, or can be rolled out of the way, clearing the space is easily done.

Turn your bathroom into a sanctuary

Whether for a quick shower or a relaxing hour in the tub, a beautiful bathroom adds flair to the everyday. It takes only small changes, like a softer rug, new colorful towels, dimmed lighting, and some pretty accessories, to turn your bathroom into a spa for all senses.

Clean out your winter gear

Say goodbye to winter's heavy boots, blankets, and down jackets. Maybe now is the right time to improve your storage, and make room for spring. Discover products to make organizing easy and make the most out of your square footage.

Time to dress up for spring

If you have an outdoor space to call your own, take advantage of it and enjoy the arrival of spring. Whether yours is a tiny balcony, a small patio, or a sprawling backyard, here are some ways to enjoy the sunshine.

Put your green thumbs to work

Take part in nature’s beautiful awakening and prep your pots! Decorating with fresh plants virtually comes with satisfaction guaranteed. You get a lush spring feeling indoors, an outlet for your creativity, and you improve the quality of the air you breathe.

Give new life to your furniture

Springtime is when most of us want to refresh and renew our homes. A sustainable and fun way to do it is to pick out some worn products and give them an exciting make-over. Go create with fabric, paint, tinsel, and fancy nobs.

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