Watering can and pots lined up on ledge in garden

The Spring Shop

 Out with the old and in with the new! Spring has sprung (well, maybe not quite yet) and there’s no better way to banish the winter blues than with a refresh of bold, bright, seasonal hues. This season we’re all about creating new life in the home and taking a step towards living a sustainable life.

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Woman stretching in living room

Create space for well-being habits

Finding time to stretch out gets easier if you can do it right at home. Having a plan for creating an open surface also helps a lot. With furniture that’s lightweight or can be rolled out of the way, clearing enough space is done quick and easy. Avoid gym cards and bulky equipment - take advantage of what’s already yours. A pouffe becomes an exercise ball, use a towel as a resistance band.

Woman stretching while sitting on SANDARED pouffe, beige

Soon out of season, still accessible

It’s time to air out wardrobes and get ready for a new season. Why not make a day of it? For periods with transitional weather – the odd chilly morning, rainy seasons – don’t rush stowing your functional garments away. They may still go in boxes (breathable textile boxes work well for long-time storage of clothes) but keep them close at hand.

SOCKERBIT box with lid, white with shoes inside
MACKAPÄR Coat rack with shoe storage unit, white with coloured TJENA boxes stacked

Table setting with floral cuttings

Spring Your Creativity

Spring is a time to gather with friends and family, while we will miss our cozy gatherings, warm weather refreshes our spirits and allows us to bring new life into our space (so naturally, we should show it off!). We all have an idea of what a dining room should be – but what fun is that? Let your creativity flourish and make your table feel as special as the people sitting around it. Try decorating your dining with plant clippings, textured glassware and coloured flatware for simple ways to add a touch of nature.

White place setting with green floral placemat and black utensils

It’s All in the Feeling

Adding different textiles to your dining is a great way to add a piece of your style to a home while reducing your environmental footprint. Going green is more than just a trend, it’s a lifestyle! This spring try replacing your paper napkins with a cloth tea towel. Easy to wash, reusable and stylish – guests will love this high class look and feel.

Tea towel folded with utensils and artificial rose placed on top
Tea towel wrapped and tied together with pink artificial flowers

FULLSPÄCKAD serving tray sitting on table stacked with baked goods
VARDAGEN pot filled with chili sitting on cutting board

One Pot Feeds All

Declutter your table and create a self-serve station this season. A great way to encourage interaction and sharing around the table, using trays help serve food, clear plates away and creates a focal point on your table (and saves you from doing more dishes at the end of the night).

Warm and Woven

Walk on the woven side and let your creative side flourish! Mix and match your space with organic pieces to create visual interest that transforms any space. Choosing materials for us is about making responsible decisions. When we’re not able to use renewable resources, we aim for recycled or recyclable ones. But it’s not just about the materials. It’s about the people, production, and transportation too.

JUNIMAGNOLIA duvet cover on bed
Cushions stacked on rolling cart

Goodbye Winter Blues, Hello Spring Hues

Live in colour and warm up your space by mixing and matching colours and patterns. Full of nature-inspired touches our textiles have everything you need to bring your home out of hibernation.

Ready, Set, Grow

Bring the outdoors in and add visual interest to any room. The perfect fit for any style, adding a few houseplants (real or fake, we don’t judge) keeps a room from looking hard and worn-out.

Plants hanging from window in mesh bag
Plants sitting on beige KRYDDPEPPAR stand

Sustainable Season

We want to inspire change and with a fresh season on the horizon, there’s no better time to look at the way we recycle. Through energy efficient lighting, water saving taps and a “reduce, re-use” mentality – together we can work towards create a better everyday life for the many people.

Black HOPPVALS blinds pulled down
SEKOND light hanging from wall bracket

Light at Home

Lighting is a vital part of life at home, it makes our homes cozier and safer. As easy way to create privacy in the home, the HOPPVALS energy-saving cellular blinds not only create privacy, they also generate a layer of insulation that can reduce your heating costs by up to 20%. RYET, a LED bulb that consumes approximately 85% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and lasts up to 15 000 hours. That means you could read for an hour each night for the next 41 years! Not bad for a $1.29 investment.

Recycled Reno

A better life starts at home and through small changes, you can make a big impact. We don’t like throwing things away, that’s why we created the KUNGSBACKA kitchen front. Not only does it have a sleek design and an anti-fingerprint surface, it’s also our first kitchen front made entirely from 100% recycled FSC(R) certified wood and PET-bottles. Combined with our water saving faucets, you can reduce your water consumption up to 40% while maintaining pressure. This means you can lower your water usage and your bills, while relieving some of the pressure on our planet’s water supply.

ALMAREN faucet washing green beans
KUNGSBACKA kitchen cabinet

NORDKISA nightstand beside bed
APTITLIG cutting board with knife and sliced potatoes on top

Bamboo Beauty

We love wood because it’s durable, renewable, recyclable and beautiful. But we must use it responsibly. Bamboo is a firm favourite for furniture and accessories alike, because it's one of the fastest growing and self-regenerating raw materials.

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