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In merry mood

When you want to create atmosphere at home that fits the new season, accessories are key. Set the mood with fun, affordable touches like candles, string lights, and cushion covers. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how easily the little things can create a festive look in your space.

Still life by candlelight

A shelf decorated with a pink vase, a lit candle, and frames.

Nothing says hygge like candles. The more you add, the greater the effect you create – especially if you place them inside a latticed lantern for a more diffused light. Always place them on a tray for safety.

Any shelf or mantelpiece can get an easy makeover - glass vases, candles and flowers create a delicate play of light and colour to turn a corner of your home into a still life masterpiece.

A little festive feeling

Bring a little seasonal cheer into your living room with a few simple, affordable additions. Hints of gold like a polka-dot cushion cover, tealight holders and plant pot add sparkle, while natural objects brought inside soften the feel.

Warm winter reds can also create a soft, tasteful take on holiday decor. Try adding in textiles like cushion covers, throws, vases and curtains. A few branches of crimson berries or flowers will complete the look.

Light, bright, and sparkling

A black dining table decorated with a vase holding a large, white artifical flower.

Making your home feel special this season can be as simple as curating a few focal points to please the eye. Create a little beauty that never fades with a display of artificial flowers in a classic, white vase. LED candles and glass help to reflect light around the room, while whites contrasted with evergreens create a festive mood.

Winter wonderland

A windowsill with a round table lamp and twinkling string lights, next to a white sofa.

Make a lasting impression with a frosty, all-white look. While the colour scheme is uniform, contrast can be created by mixing materials with different textures – and by throwing in a pop of greenery.

Elevating any window sill or corner shelf is easy with soft glowing lights. By placing lamps alongside twinkling string lights, you create a whimsical combination of sparkle and glow.

Our favourites

Little treasures will add a homey feel to any space, and make you smile whenever they catch your eye. Just pick a kit, and voila! You'll have instant style for the holiday season and beyond.