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Season's eatings

As winter beckons, turn your focus to staying in and enjoying a home-cooked meal. Tea and coffee accessories can brighten up the dullest of days, and the right cookware will help you to make the most of harvest season. Whether you're a budding chef or an epicure at heart, here you'll find tools and tricks to enable a winter's wealth of celebrations, snacks, and cozy family dinners.

The art of fika

A  coffee press and black mug on a wooden table, beside a glass vase of peach flowers.
A small white teapot and a steaming clear glass cup of tea.

Give yourself the tools to create the perfect coffee break – known as a 'fika' in Sweden. From the coffeemaker to a tasty treat, and a few floral touches to please the eye, making great coffee is an art, not a chore.

Not a coffee person? Make your teatime feel a little more magical by making your tea look as good as it tastes. A glass mug lets you see just how good your brew is, so you can enjoy a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

Baked with love

A bird's eye view of a baking stencil mat with rolling pins, near a pink pie decorated with raspberries.
A kitchen counter loaded with baking tools and sprinkled with flour.

Baking is the ultimate alchemy – turning base ingredients into delicious gold. Watching their messy mixing turn into cakes and cookies never fails to delight kids – and it’ll probably bring a smile to your lips as well.

But before you make a glorious mess, remember that home baking is all about the prep. Make sure you have all the baking tools you need, from the right-sized baking tin to a stand to hold your recipe book open. Then all you need is the perfect recipe – and a sprinkling of love.

Take your time

A black cast iron pot and pan on a counter, with wooden utensils hanging from a rack above.
Bird's eye view of a tabletop with a spice mill, assorted spices, and an acacia chopping board strewn with nuts.

Good food shouldn’t be rushed. It should be cooked slowly, using the best ingredients and the finest tools. Make sure the passionate chef in your life has the tools for the job, like solid cast iron cookware, or an acacia wood chopping board and spice mill. Bon appetit!

A midwinter feast

A table set for a celebration with rustic dinnerware, sparkling glasses, black candlesticks and sprigs of greenery.
Several glasses filled with colourful drinks, placed on a white table.

It’s time to get cozy and celebrate. To dress a table for an enchanting wintertime meal, bring in natural elements and lights, like sprigs of evergreen branches, nuts and candles. Mix them with dark and wooden tones, and help your beverages stand out with sparkling glassware. By serving drinks in a clear carafe, you bring a little elegance and magic to every occasion – and you’ll feel like raising a glass, too. Cheers!

Don't forget the cat's table

Did you know that all the best parties happen under the table? That’s why the best party plates, cups and cutlery for small people are tough, BPA-free and reusable, so you can enjoy them time and time again.

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