Refresh your home with accessories

Close up of a crimson cut pomegranate, placed in a white bowl on a colourfully patterned tray.

Refresh your home with accessories

A little seasonal update with home accessories can go a long way.  Get inspired by some of our favourite colourful combinations and invite summer into your home without sacrificing your budget.

Living more outdoors
Dressing the bed
Creating atmosphere

A backyard getaway

Whether you have a city balcony, a sprawling suburban yard, or anything in between, it's easy to create a place where you'll love soaking up the sunshine and fresh air. All you need is the right accessories to make your outdoors the perfect setting for restaurant-worthy al fresco meals, lazy afternoons of sunbathing, or cocktails with loved ones. Who needs a vacation, anyway?

Invite summer daydreams

There's nothing quite as restful as a languid summer nap, or the deep sleep after a long day of swimming, barbecuing, and playing outside. Make your bedroom a haven of peace by using colourful textiles and accessories. And don't forget your children's bedrooms - the more peacefully they sleep, the better you will, too.

Set a sunny mood

Sometimes, all it takes is a few choice accessories to change the whole look and feel of your living space. Get summer ready by adding items with colourful, seasonally appropriate prints and textures. You'll be surprised how much fresher your space looks - and how much brighter you'll feel, too.

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