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Wake up in style

Time to get cozy! Whether you're moving into a new place or want your old place to feel new again, we've got you covered. From starter kits to new duvet covers in seasonal hues, or bathroom accessories to promote self-care, the choice is yours. Who knows? You might even get excited about making the bed.

A fresh start

Set up the bedroom of your dreams with practical necessities like an ergonomic pillow and fluffy duvet. Your wallet will rest easy, and you'll wake up eager for your new beginning.

A hint of romance

Powdery pastels, warm wood tones and varying textures create that perfect balance between romance and boldness. Sustainably-sourced cotton makes for a long-lasting duvet cover that grows softer with every wash. How would you like to update your bedroom?

When traditional meets trendy

One style here and one style there – put them together and turn those separate styles into YOU everywhere. A classic burgundy floral cushion pops in a minimal, modern bedroom, creating an element of the unexpected. Why choose when you can have it all?

Embrace the moody blues

Mix shades of blue to create a tranquil bedroom atmosphere and add a cozy, classic touch with SPIKVALLMO duvet cover and pillowcase. They’re made from a cotton/polyester blend that’s easy to care for, since the fabric is less liable to shrink and crease. Checkmate, wrinkles!

Treat yourself

Show yourself some love and appreciation by creating a self-care station in your bathroom. A pair of cozy slippers, some relaxing tunes and organized storage will work wonders for both mind and body.