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Taste the delicious possibilities

The end of summer brings the promise of new beginnings, and a return to the routines of work and school. This year might look different, but you can still set healthy new habits. Here's to less takeout and more home cooking, picnic lunches while the weather holds, and effortless meal prepping - and the fun new items that make it all easy.

The recipe for well-being

Pack your favourite picnic lunch in reusable containers, stash inside a VÄRLDENS backpack, find a rock to sit on and breathe in nature. It's like having your own outdoor restaurant.

Loving the lunchbox life

Say goodbye to unforeseen lunch expenses; here’s a food forecast with 100% accuracy. Besides being easier on your wallet, packing a lunch for work or school means your everyday routine is more sustainable. Win-win.

Dinner is served

    Bring a fine dining experience to the table – at home! It doesn’t get any cozier or more affordable than this. Now - what’s for dessert?