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Get ready for outdoor adventures

Picnics, hikes, barbecues, fresh air - what's not to love about summer? And with a few affordable accessories, you'll be ready to take advantage of everything the season has to offer. Enjoy cooking and eating outdoors with sturdy barbecue tools and dainty serveware. Be ready for spontaneous escapes with practical picnic gear. And nurture your outdoor plants in pots and planters that adorn your balcony or patio. Bring on the sunshine!

Let your food set the mood

A two-tier wooden serving tray, stacked with sandwiches and appetizers, placed on a table outdoors.
An outdoor table bearing a pitcher filled with red juice, bowls of berries, and tall glasses.

With the right presentation, even your outdoor meals can become gourmet works of art. Pour out inspiration into decorative glasses and use a layered bamboo serving tray to create a festive display of bite-sized delights. Soon you’ll be able to enjoy a feast for your eyes (and your palate).

Set your balcony abloom

A white flower box hung from a balcony, above a small table with a white watering can.
A small metal greenhouse overflowing with plants in small pots.

Adding a bit of greenery to your balcony – or a window with a flower box – is both easy and truly worthwhile. Whether they're scented, edible or just for show, plants and flowers make for a spirit-lifting display that will evolve and fascinate you throughout the growing season.

Celebrate barbecue season

Close up of a hamburger on a metal tray, with a burger press in the background.
A wooden butcher's block with a knife and vegetable skewers.

Whether you prep marinades days in advance or you indulge an impulsive craving for burgers, cooking outside has a way of adding extra culinary joy. If you can invite some people over to enjoy the food with you, even better. What’s the forecast for this weekend, again?

For picnics with pals

A picnic at the seaside, with colourful reusable plastic mugs and dinnerware.
A picnic by the sea, with clear glasses and food containers placed on a green blanket.

A picnic proposal: snacks, tableware, outdoor cushions, a roll-up blanket and people to share the moment with. After all, food always tastes better when it's enjoyed outdoors in good company.