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This season is about living a conscious and mindful lifestyle that is close to nature. Whether you are living in the countryside or the city, you can bring nature to the home with a bit of greenery and a wabi-sabi attitude.

Say hello to KORNSJÖ, a cabinet and dressing table that is just perfect for entryways. Or any room for that matter! It has plenty of storage options for bags, shoes and little knick-knacks that need hiding (or showing off). Above the cabinet is a smooth running drawer with a pull-out stop. With its adjustable feet, it can stand steady also on uneven floors. Just make sure to secure it to the wall with the enclosed safety fitting.

It’s not all about hiding things away. Hang trinkets, souvenirs and other objects on KORNSJÖ as everyday reminders of the good things in life.

Inspired by traditional patterns from lovikkavantar (Swedish mittens from Lovikka), KÄPPHÄST makes sleeping time fun for little ones. This playful collection of children’s textiles evokes a traditional Scandinavian spirit. Made from 100% cotton from more sustainable sources, the textiles feature whimsical patterns of bicycles, elephants, teddy bears and trains. Who says playtime is over?

Reminiscent of a basket with its weaved material and form, this beautiful pendant lamp shade is made of natural seagrass. Seagrass is a renewable material, which makes it a sustainable choice. Each lampshade is unique since seagrass has natural colour variations, and it is hand-woven by skilled craftspeople.

This serving tray is simple to use and just as simple to bring everywhere. A clever way to present food, FULLSPÄCKAD is a serving tray with two surfaces. It has a nifty carrying handle to easily bring food from kitchen to table. What’s truly wonderful about it is that it’s made of bamboo – a renewable and fastgrowing natural material – which makes it a sustainable choice.

We create a peace of mind in the home by having a meaningful relationship with the objects we surround us with. What truly matters? What makes you smile? Showcase these precious objects in BOMARKEN, a display box made of gold-coloured steel and glass.

You can put your fondest memories on display, or why not use it as a mini greenhouse for baby plants? It’s a thoughtful reminder that you’re always growing.

Get cozy with these easy-to-love baskets. TJILLEVIPS is a collection of sustainable handmade baskets woven from six different types of plant fibres: bamboo, rattan, seagrass, banana fibre, poplar and jute. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, each piece is unique with its natural colour shifts and expression.

What’s truly wonderful about TJILLEVIPS is that they create jobs for skilled craftspeople. And by using natural, fast-growing plant fibres, it is a sustainable choice. Simply put, it’s an easy and caring way – both for people and planet – to organize, decorate and bring nature into your home.

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