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Let’s play! You, us, everyone!

When we play, we learn, develop, experience, and grow. Our creativity expands. Our bonds strengthen. We de-stress. That’s why we at IKEA believe in children’s right to play and in play as a basic need of every single human being.

So join us in celebrating the power of play. Because we'll be highlighting how, by simply seeing home as a playground, building play into each day can be easy – as easy as, well, child’s play!

Kids' drawings of fantasy creatures on a yellow background.
Kids' drawings of fantasy creatures on a yellow background.
We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

George Bernard Shaw

A brown cardboard castle serving as a backdrop for six colourful IKEA SAGOSKATT soft toys based on children’s drawings.

SAGOSKATT – designed by kids

Designed by kids in our annual Soft toy drawing competition, the fabulous new SAGOSKATT collection includes a cucumber superhero, a dancing red robot and a sock-wearing rainbow. With 100% of the purchase price of each donated to local initiatives that support children’s right to play, SAGOSKATT is all about kids helping other kids.

A little girl drawing with MÅLA pens and colouring on a creative table full of coloured papers and cardboard pieces.

Co-create sustainably with us

Welcome to MÅLA Studios, an imaginative playground dedicated to co-creation with IKEA. It’s about sustainability, craft, and easy drawing for kids and their parents. Formed from reused flat-packs from the store, at MÅLA Studios kids are free to be resourceful with how they reuse materials. Here, we’ll also host events like the Soft toy drawing competition and other creative workshops during Let’s play! and beyond.

An angle of an IKEA store showing a washing machine with BLÅHAJ, a big soft toy resembling a shark sticking out of it.

Spot the BLÅHAJ!

Instead of a single kids play area, we’ve sprinkled our stores with several special children’s activities during Let’s play! One of them is Shark Trails, a fun treasure hunt in which our BLÅHAJ soft toy – and limited-edition baby shark version – are hidden all over the store. So grab a map and pop a mark on it each time you spot one of these iconic plush toys. And if you like, share your funniest finds with us using #blahaj #IKEAshark.

Three rows of a multicoloured party garland with the words 'Let’s play!' written in some places.