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Taste the delicious possibilities

Summer is in full swing, and that means it's time to to enjoy casual gatherings with close friends and family, the abundance of fresh fruits, and the anticipation of getting ready to go back to school. Here's to everyone's favourite season - and the fun, affordable new items that will help you make the most of it with ease.

Seasonal inspiration by the spoonful

Table set with salads, glassware, and decorative greenery.
A dark green glass pitcher placed on an outdoor table, with stacked glasses and a bowlful of olives.

A light lunch is the perfect excuse to gather a few close friends. With decorative tableware and the past summer’s greatest hits in a vase, you’re set for an undistracted focus on the food, your guests, and the moment.

Summer is in full swing, and the lingering warmth of long evenings is perfect for staying out. Set up a table of finger food, pour some drinks in festive glassware, and savour some relaxing time with your choice of close ones.

Upgrade your lunch box

Overhead view of a counter with plastic containers holding prepared meals, with spice containers in the background.
Plastic bowls with lids in soft colours stacked on a counter with tea towels, next to a salad spinner filled with lettuce.

Lunch in a box – what would we do without it? Beyond keeping your meal fresh and protected, complementing with smaller containers is an easy way to add a salad, dessert, or condiments on the side. Bonus: packed lunches and reusable containers are better for the environment than takeout. Bon appétit!

If you're packing food for a crowd, GARNITYREN containers allow you bring a whole buffet that’s kept colour-coded, fresh and protected while you search for the perfect picnic spot.

Savour the flavours of summer

A peach pie in progress dusted with icing sugar, next to a cutting board with pastry trimmings.
A yoghurt and blueberry parfait in a jar, with a large carafe and basket of bread in the background.

This time of year, it’s easy to find great-tasting ripe berries, fruits and vegetables. If you have a farmer's market nearby with local, sustainable produce, don’t miss your chance! Let the season inspire your menus for everything from elaborate desserts to picnic lunches. Peach pie, anyone?

A starter kit for a beginner’s kitchen

A white kitchen shelf with a steel bowl, a set of black plates, cutlery in glasses, and a jar filled with macaroni pasta.
A set of pots and pans with lids on a kitchen counter.

Oh, the joy of having your own kitchen! It’s also the perfect practice ground for cooking. When going off to university or college, a set of kitchen basics will be an ideal companion for skill-building trials and errors (and be your ticket to warm meals in the process).

Chances are, your first own kitchen is a tiny or shared one. Great! A small set of plates and cutlery will go a long way. If they look good, too, even better. Simply store them accessibly on the shelf, doubling as decoration.