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Get keen on your kitchen

Don't give up on your New Year's resolutions just yet! Whether you want to learn how to bake away the winter blues, save time and money by meal prepping, or simply find new ways to stay organized in the kitchen, there's a tool or trick here that can help. No renovations required.

Meal prep marvels

A kitchen counter with stacked glass food containers and a bamboo cutting board covered in cut kiwis and bananas.
A corner of a pink kitchen with colourful stacked plastic food containers, next to a cutting board full of vegetables.

Maximize your time to sit down and enjoy breakfast – or an evening snack. By arranging a mise-en-place corner stocked with dry goods, you'll be able to eat quickly whenever you're feeling peckish. And here's a tip for meal prep devotees: freezing herbs and vegetables keeps them delicious and nutritious for longer – all you need is a set of reusable containers or freezer bags to keep them tidy and fresh.

For the love of bread

A dough cutter, wooden spoon and bowl, and metal kitchen scale placed on a countertop dusted with flour.
A pair of hands kneading a ball of dough on a floured countertop, with a loaf of bread in the background.

What could possibly be more satisfying than the scent of freshly baked sourdough bread? There are many possible answers to this rhetorical question, but baking is always a good idea. Luckily, we have everything you need to knead. And then some.

Create an everyday salad bar at home

A kitchen counter with a wooden cutting board on top, with a bowl of tomatoes, a yellow pepper, and spice jars.
An opened kitchen drawer with an organizer, and meticulously arranged utensils, towels, and spices within.

Herbs, greens and spices can work wonders for most meals. Why not turn that knowledge into a permanent part of your kitchenscape? Create an appetizing, accessible display to give yourself daily inspiration to eat your greens. And with organized kitchen drawers, the cooking and table-setting will be a breeze.

Easter cooking for home chefs

A side table placed outdoors, with a cast iron casserole and a cutting board laden with bread and cheese on top.
A black cast-iron casserole with green leaves peeking out of it.

French cuisine offers inspiration to spare, and with more than just with its food. Rustic Provence-style, cast-iron pots and wooden ladles set the perfect mood for long cooking sessions, and work just as well for prepping for an Easter feast as for furnishing an outdoor kitchen in summer.