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    Over the past few months, our homes have taught us some very important lessons. Like how to trim bangs – and do a pretty good job of it. How to get our hands dirty in the garden or the kitchen. How to connect in ways that we never thought possible. And how to welcome the beautiful possibilities of tomorrow.

    We want to know what home lessons you’ve learned. Between June 25th and July 18th, 2020, simply post your lesson on Instagram with the hashtag #IKEAHomeLessons and it could be featured in stores, on, in our Instagram stories, or even on an outdoor billboard!

    Looking for some inspiration? See some #IKEAHomeLessons below!


    How to lead with love.


    How to be a set designer from home.


    How to grow your green thumb.


    How to find peace and calm in taking care of little plants with little ones.


    How to take a break.

    Emily B. (Edmonton)

    How to fall in loaf.

    Imanbir S. (Richmond)

    How to bond over baking.

    Erika O. (North York)

    How to turn a Frakta bag into a handy tool belt.

    Jennifer B. (Richmond)

    How to find inspiration in a child’s imagination – and ability to play with the same toys in different ways on different days.

    Chantal B. (Brossard)

    How to make homemade bread.

    Jordan S. (Burlington)

    How to bake simple yet perfect cookies with boxed cake mix.

    Melannie A. (Edmonton)

    How to NOT bake banana bread using the broil function.

    Monica T. (Edmonton)

    How to yoga with the kids.

    Princess E. (Burlington)

    How to enjoy sushi night with friends while helping to flatten the curve.

    Johanna A. (Oakville)

    How to start a home hair salon.

    Carolyn T. (Burlington)

    How to give the backyard a tropical vibe.

    Two people laying down in pajamas sharing chocolate.

    How to enjoy a night in.

    A person leaning against a wall outside with gardening gloves on.

    How to get your hands dirty.

    A child sitting on the ground in front of a homemade tent eating a marshmallow.

    How to build a magical fort.

    A child tending to plants in a small terrarium.

    How to care for plants.

    A person standing in front of a window with a desk, chair and computer in the background.

    How to go from bedroom to boardroom.

    A person sleeping on their stomach in a bed with yellow and grey bedding.

    How to take an extra hour.

    A person laying on a yoga mat with their eyes closed.

    How to go into Savasana.

    A person dancing slighly out of frame in a red room with a white couch.

    How to dance it out.

    A child having their bangs trimmed with scissors.

    How to trim bangs.

    Two people playing guitar in bed in a bright bedroom with open windows.

    How to put on a show.

    A parent and child leaning against a bath tub with cucumbers on their eyes relaxing.

    How to find a bit of zen.