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Enjoy a good day's work in style

The home office is here to stay. So why not make it a functional, energizing space that inspires your creativity and productivity? It doesn't take much to make it come together - even if your desk doubles as your dining table. Tackle clutter with desk organizers, keep your mood bright with good lighting, and decorate to reflect your tastes, as you do across your home. Whether your focus is homework or working from home, you'll find that a few inexpensive additions can make all the difference to your everyday.

Keep home and work in check

A light academia work area, including a white desk, yellowed book pages on the wall, a silver desk lamp, white magazine files and desk organizers.
A workspace with a dark academia aesthetic, including a black desk, a gray table lamp, a chalkboard, vintage decor, and a cork memo board with various photos and decorative images.

Working from home can be a challenging mix of professional and domestic duties. The right combo of workspace storage, memo boards and to-do lists can help keep your projects separate. And remember - you don't have to be a student to appreciate the light or dark academia trends. Pick one of these themes to set the mood for your workspace, and you'll feel right at home.

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An adaptable workspace with a large wooden desk, black table lamp, and grey chair, placed in front of white display cabinets.
A light wood desk with a white chair and desk accessories, in front of a sunlit window with azure blue curtains.

In a home with many shared spaces, it can be helpful to have spots where you can easily switch activities. Set up a table or desk with a proper chair, a set of organizing containers, and nearby cabinets to store everyone’s work or study kit in. And of course, don't forget a work lamp to light your desk and prevent eye strain and headaches.

Desktop delights

An organized desk with stationery in white mesh desk organizers and papers in white magazine files.
Close up of a white desk organizer, used to store pencils, paintbrushes, a notebook, and other bric-a-brac.

Does new stationery set your heart aflutter, like a child waiting for back to school season? Organize your analog treasures with simple solutions. With matched magazine files, a desk organizer to keep order, and a stylish yet protective cork pad – you'll have a complete package for an inviting yet functional space.