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Brighten up your home for summer

When you want to create atmosphere at home that fits the new season, accessories are key. Set the mood with fun, affordable touches like greenery, plant pots, throws, and cushion covers. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how easily the little things can create an updated look in your space.

Real or faux?

A bamboo desk and matching picture ledge decorated with pressed flowers in frames, and fresh flowers in vases.
A white mantelpiece decorated with pink and white flower pots, a vase, and a bell jar holding artificial flowers.

One can hardly stop the passing of seasons, but capturing the moment is surprisingly easy. Pick your favourite flowers at the peak of their bloom, place them in vases and frames, put on display and enjoy them as the perennial art that they are.

Freshly cut flowers have a way of taking centre stage in any room, especially if you're a fan of the Cottagecore trend. Artificial flowers can offer the same presence, be placed anywhere, don’t need water, and will stay in bloom forever. Not a bad bouquet of benefits, right?

A summer feeling, inside and out

A white sofa heaped with cushions in blue and white covers, in front of a window with a vase of greenery, overlooking the sea.
Several decorative items including a white ceramic vase, pink cactus, and white candlestick are placed on a coffee table, with a white sofa and cushions in the background.

Whether summer has arrived or not, no one’s stopping you from letting the sunny season into your home. A few well-chosen textiles and decorations will warm up the mood – and maybe add a summery spring in your step.

It’s the time of year of renewal, growth and greenery. With decorative ceramic accessories like a set of cacti, a flower pot and a candlestick, you can embrace the seasonal mood – and still keep it maintenance-free.

Style with textiles

A small grey sofa, heaped with colourful cushions, next to a window.
A corner of a living room with a tan leather sofa and various plants.

It may not be groundbreaking, but a cushion with a floral print can go a long way, especially when you pair it with some plants. Pair it with a coordinating plain cushion and a throw to create a new mood in your living room. And if your greenery is slow to flourish, throw in some artificial plants for an instant sense of summer.

Flex your green fingers

Surrounding yourself with plants is an easy way to get a daily mood boost. If you go with artificial greenery instead, you’ll get the best of both worlds: a refreshing, soothing mini-garden display with no maintenance required. Use your windowsills to help small plants thrive in the sun, or place a large one in a corner to create a garden feeling. Don't forget to mix and match pretty plant pots for a finishing touch!

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