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An armchair with a blue throw next to a window, surrounded by large plants.

Brighten up your home for spring

When you want to create atmosphere at home that fits the new season, accessories are key. Set the mood with fun, affordable touches like greenery, plant pots, throws, and cushion covers. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how easily the little things can create an updated look in your space.

Spring into style

A small grey sofa, heaped with colourful cushions, next to a window.
A corner of a living room with a tan leather sofa and various plants.

It may not be groundbreaking, but a cushion with a floral print can go a long way, especially when you pair it with some plants. Pair it with a coordinating plain cushion and a throw to create a new spring mood in your living room. And if your greenery is slow to flourish, throw in some artificial plants for an instant sense of spring.

How does your (indoor) garden grow?

Several leafy green plants grouped together, next to an open door.
Three plants placed on a white plant stand, in front of an open window.

With spring on the horizon, why not amplify the mood by grouping plants in a bright spot? You get a beautiful mini garden – and the plants will love it, too. Add plant pots in neutral colours and a stand to show them off, and you'll have a refreshing display.

A new place to lounge

An outdoor space with plastic chairs, lanterns, and textiles, surrounded by greenery.
A modern armchair with cushions, in front of a plant hung before a brick wall.

It may still be chilly, but you can still bundle up and enjoy an outdoor evening if you wish! Lighting is a great way to set a cozy mood for your patio or balcony, and makes sitting out under the stars with a warm drink a tempting prospect for a daily finale. If the weather where you are doesn't allow for moonlit soirées just yet, create an indoor haven dedicated to relaxation instead. Done right – with a comfy chair, cozy textiles, mood lighting, and a plant or two – it can become your new favourite spot to lounge.

Our favourites

Little treasures will add a homey feel to any space, and make you smile whenever they catch your eye. Just pick a kit, and voila! You'll have instant style for the spring and beyond.