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Discover new ways to play all day

Keeping the kids happy and busy can help the hours to fly by. Nurture budding imaginations and talents with toys to delight, inspire, and even educate. Shake up storytime with a few new books. Give playtime a timeless twist with inexpensive classics like LEGO® that kids can enjoy for hours. Come summer, you may even miss the cozy afternoons of playtime you spent together.

Calling all dinosaur lovers...

A rumpled twin bed dressed with assorted bed linens, including a pillow printed with a friendly bear's face.
A twin bed with colourful bedding and a dinosaur-patterned canopy above the bedframe.

If you know a dino lover on the hunt for prehistoric friends, maybe this crew of soft toy dinosaurs can help? And for the explorer who wants to build their own world, a cardboard jungle volcano is definite grounds for a pterodactyl screech of delight!

Take the Jurassic theme a step further with a canopy and bedding to match. Besides inspiring adventurous playtimes, a bed tent darkens the sleeping environment for a more restful sleep. The monsters under the bed won't stand a chance.

Make a baby smile

Several baby items in blue and green including towels, bed linen, a bib, and a toy.
A green BUSA play tunnel with a pink border, inside a child's room.

Who said that bathtime couldn't double as playtime, too? Faces are a focal point for babies, so get their attention with a fluffy caterpillar, a snappy crocodile or a hungry frog. Add a children's book to encourage sleepiness and you have the perfect recipe for an easy bedtime.

If they're already crawling or toddling, a BUSA play tunnel will bring them hours of delight. Besides being a new place to explore, it'll take those endless rounds of peekaboo to the next level. But beware: the family feline may love it as much as the child does.

A toy to build on, brick by brick

Two children playing with BYGGLEK boxes on a table.
A BYGGLEK LEGO box and LEGO pieces on a white desk, in a room painted yellow.

BYGGLEK LEGO® boxes and brick sets will yield hours of wonder for kids of all ages – letting you build, rebuild and play again. Whether you use them as is or combine them with other objects to make something new, it's like having a new toy every day. Time to begin construction!

Let them play with their food

A stuffed toy panda seated at a table with a toy cash register and plush vegetables.
A toy cash register and plush vegetables, with a stuffed panda in the background.

Anyone up for a game of pretend? Little entrepreneurs will love the opportunity to open their own shop. Besides a toy cash register, be sure to add a heap of fruits and vegetables (okay, these are not actually edible, but can work as a timely reminder for young grocers to eat their greens).

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