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Tidy your home, simplify your life

Ever feel like you have more clothes than you could ever wear? Once you've gone through the process of sorting and donating, it's time to care for what you've chosen to keep. So makeover your closet with solutions that will give everything a proper place. Give your neglected entryway a practical (and stylish) upgrade with smart storage. And encourage yourself to find time for your hobbies by storing your tools close at hand. The secret's out - when you make room for your stuff, you make room to live your life.

Sartorial solutions for your wardrobe

A semi-open bamboo wardrobe with sliding doors, filled with clothing in neutral colours.
A KOMPLEMENT clothes valet and scarf organizer, with an open closet in the background.

Your wardrobe is already home to your choice of fashion – so why not make it a fashion statement in itself? The NORDKISA open wardrobe in bamboo adds style to any room, and goes just as well with earthy tones as with bursts of colour. Add a KOMPLEMENT valet and multi-use hangers, and you can easily prep outfits beforehand (or at least narrow down your options to a few inspired choices).

The hallway heroes

An open hallway storage space with filled white shelves and metal shoe racks.
A shoe rack with two levels, under a black wall shelf and hooks.

We all need a hero or two, especially in the hallway! If you don't have a built-in hall closet, create your own solution with multi-functional wall-mounted racks and shoe storage. Try the ingenious MURVEL shoe organizer, which can literally double the space efficiency of your shoe rack. With a bit of planning, you can ensure that every family member, from biggest to littlest, is welcomed and waved off in the smoothest of ways.

Keep clutter in check

A white cabinet with glass shelves, and small storage on top.
Several colourful children's storage boxes placed on a dresser with shelves, used to hold clothing and toys.

With a designated space, craft and hobby sessions can be more frequent and enjoyable. Choose an attractive storage option that fits into your space (or can easily be put away). The same principle applies to kids stuff - just give their storage a playful touch that will encourage them to keep things tidy.

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