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Boost your bedroom and bathroom with easy upgrades

You spend a lot of your time asleep, getting ready, or winding down. So while you anticipate the arrival of spring, take some time to create spaces that will make your everyday easier, prettier, and even happier. Refresh your bedroom and bathroom with inexpensive accessories like colourful linens or towels, organize your toiletries, or upgrade your lighting - you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much a serene space can influence your sense of well-being.

Wash your hands in style

A bathroom wall in turquoise mermaid tile, with towels on hooks and bathroom accessories on a built-in shelf.
A marble bathroom counter with sprigs of eucalyptus, a stack of gray towels, and white bathroom accessories.

Washing your hands properly isn’t just good hygiene. It can also be an opportunity to refresh your bathroom. Add some easy to match accessories, fresh towels, and voila - you'll have a squeaky clean routine in check.

Refine your morning routine

An organized bathroom with a rack holding towels and small baskets, next to a shelf with three small bamboo storage baskets.
A bathroom counter with a stand mirror, toiletries, and two shelves above holding towels.

Given that it's where you get cleaned up every day, you should keep your bathroom tidy and refreshed, too. It doesn’t take much - swap out some towels, add storage, coordinate colours and materials, and suddenly you have an organized space to keep everyone's mornings running smoothly.

For early birds and night owls

A bright bedroom with light blue and white bedding, a yellow cushion, and plants on a windowsill.
A bed with navy blue bedding, next to a softly glowing table lamp with a globe design.

Ever notice how the right pattern in the right place sets the mood for the entire room? Try adding new bedlinen with a graphic, square print that’s both subtle and distinctive to wake up your space. Or if you need a touch of sleepy softness, try a midnight blue duvet cover. Pair it with a glowing SIMRISHAMN globe table lamp, and your eyelids may already be feeling heavy.

Fresh, floral, and fabulous

A bed with a floral duvet cover, a gray throw blanket, and a white bedside table with a lamp and a vase of flowers.
A pillow and duvet cover on the floor, beside a bed with a blue and white duvet cover.

Spring is probably knocking on your door already, so let that inspire you to give your bedroom a quick makeover. With fresh bedding and textiles, cheerful flowers in a vase, and a decorative table lamp to brighten the evenings, you'll be able to enjoy a tranquil retreat to begin and end your days.