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Boost your bedroom and bathroom with easy upgrades

You spend a lot of your time asleep, getting ready, or winding down. So while you gear up for the new season, take some time to create spaces that will make your everyday easier, prettier, and even happier. Refresh your bedroom and bathroom with inexpensive accessories like colourful bedlinen or towels, organize your toiletries, or upgrade your lighting - you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much a serene space can influence your sense of well-being.

Go green with forest-fresh bathroom accessories

A bathroom countertop with olive green accessories and dark green towels hung from the wall.
Close up of two dark green, folded towels, placed beside a bathroom sink.

Holidays often mean hosting friends, relatives and maybe in-laws, too. Friendly phrases at the door are one thing, but nothing makes guests feel welcome quite like a spotless, inviting bathroom.

Get your bathroom in balance

Bathroom accessories made in bamboo, placed o n a
A makeup station with brushes, an extendable mirror, and a clear makeup organizer.

Ever notice the sense of calm that a neat, coordinated bathroom brings? Fortunately, getting there doesn’t take much. Matching containers, towels and details can be enough to add not only form and function, but also a relaxing, refreshing mood.

The secluded calm of a bathroom makes it an ideal spot for a make-up station. An adjustable magnifying mirror and stylish containers for your essentials help to refresh the mood, while enabling both relaxed moments and morning-rush efficiency.

Better bedding for your guests

A woman asleep on an ergonomic pillow.
Close up of a white duvet and the edge of a black and white duvet cover.

Holiday logistics (and unexpected snowstorms) can often result in guests staying overnight on short notice. Having a few extra sets of pillows, duvets and bed linen prepped and ready allows you to handle any eventuality with ease.

Basics to bolster your bedroom

A black and white duvet cover with a heart pattern, with white pillow and duvet.
A bedroom with white and grey bedding, and light grey curtains.

When gearing up for the autumn months, waking up refreshed in the morning makes all the difference. A crisp set of bed linen made from sustainable cotton and textiles add mood and comfort to your bedroom, making it easy to calm down, relax and – zzz...

To get back to your routine after summer, fine-tuning your sleep settings is a great first step. A mood-setting combo of fresh bedlinen, curtains to shield you from light, and a snug rug to plant your feet on will help you to wake up refreshed.