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A child drawing on a roll of paper, which is being used as a tablecloth on the dining table.

Ask an IKEA Designer

We know that your homes are working harder than ever right now. So we asked Canadians to share their top interior design dilemmas through Instagram. IKEA designers created stylish, functional solutions to make your spaces work better for you. Check out our followers' biggest challenges and get inspired!

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How can I trick out my space with spooky decorations for Halloween?

1. Spice up your entrance

Set the tone in the entryway with easy updates. Transform your trusty TRAMPA door mat with paint and stencils (cats or bats work great!) for an easy seasonal DIY.

Spook those who dare enter with lit lanterns and candles (LED for the safety of little trick or treaters, or real flames for the grown-ups). You can also upgrade lamps with TRÅDFRI LED bulbs to create a spooky purple glow.

2. Create a feast for the eyes (and fingers)

To avoid being overwhelmed when setting a holiday-themed table, slowly add everything in layers. Start with the base, then move on to lighting, centerpieces and black dinnerware. Add in 'memento mori' details like red roses or skulls for a sophisticated take on Halloween decor.

If you're entertaining kids, scary sensory treats are a must. Blindfold them before a (boo)ffet, and let them collect a plateful of eyeballs (peeled grapes), worms (cooked noodles), or toes (mini sausage rolls).

3. Bring on the kids!

Let their imaginations fly with a bit of craft paint, paintbrushes, and origami paper. Start with a roll of paper (perfect for creating a tablecloth decorated with cute Halloween-themed doodles). Older kids will love turning simple sculptures into cursed objects. From a scary zombie hand to a mummified artist dummy, their creativity can be endless!

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