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A better world starts at home

At IKEA, we want to make it easy for you to live more sustainably at home. While we as a business move toward a more circular economy, you can take individual steps to make your everyday life easier on the planet. Choose more environmentally friendly products, like energy-efficient appliances, plant-based foods, or green furniture. Participate in plastic recycling or, if you're feeling ambitious, challenge yourself to achieve a zero waste home. The choice is yours.

  • ♪ [upbeat guitar music] ♪
    We approach a small planet floating among the clouds at sunrise.

    ♪ [In my book of dreams, that’s where I draw all of my rainbows, and horses that I ride up to the clouds and all my wishes] ♪
    A chorus of children begins singing as the music continues, with a man’s voice distinct from the rest. A young girl is asleep on a bed, on top of the planet. She awakens and sleepily smiles at a little bird, who flies toward another planet, where a bulldog is also waking up.

    ♪ [If I wish for you and me, on the first star I see, then you will be in my book of dreams] ♪
    The girl waves at an older woman on a neighbouring planet, who is watering colourful tulips on her balcony. A bumblebee flies from the flowers, past a small honeycomb planet and out of sight.

    ♪ [upbeat guitar and piano music] ♪
    A cyclist carrying a blue IKEA FRAKTA bag crests the top of a grassy planet, and multiple different home planets in the sky come into view. We zoom in on them, one by one. Elderly men play dominoes at a table, laughing. A man works on a laptop in the living room as his daughter twirls by, dancing with a stuffed dog as papers go flying.

    ♪ [If I wish for you and me, on the first star I see, then you will be in my book of dreams] ♪
    On another planet, a man is reading furniture assembly instructions from IKEA as a woman installs an IKEA water-saving faucet in their newly renovated bathroom. Their child crawls into an elaborate fort made of the IKEA flatpack cardboard boxes. We see scenes of people living on their own planets; the man working from home earlier now carrying out recycling, children skipping rope, a woman hanging laundry outdoors, and a child running with a kite.

    ♪ [Then you will be in my book of dreams] ♪
    We zoom out to a planet shaped like a birdhouse, as the little bird lands on it.

    Text on screen - SMÅSPORRE, Renewable cotton twin duvet, $19.99.
    We return to the first young girl we saw, fully awake now, lying on top of her bed with the sun on her face, smiling.

    We cut to a view of Planet Earth at night, under a bright moon.
    Text on screen - A better world starts at home.

    [Female voice with a Swedish accent reads IKEA logo and text on screen] IKEA. The beautiful possibilities.

How will you make your little world a better place?

What goes around, comes around

Who says you can’t be in tune with nature while staying indoors? While you wait for sunny days, treat your beloved plants (real and faux) to pots made from recycled plastics. With the money saved, you'll be able to add more leafy friends to your budding collection. Your balcony will thank you.

Wash, rinse, recycle

A splash-proof shower curtain is perfect for little merpeople at bathtime. And by using recycled polyester, we consume less new raw materials and lower our environmental footprint. Pair with a water-saving faucet, and your bathroom just got a sustainable makeover.

Think blue to go green

Sometimes, the most sustainable purchase is the one you'll use again and again. There's no end of ways to use our beloved FRAKTA bag, so think blue and get creative. Whether you use it as a beach bag, a home for your donation pile, or a sturdy carry-all for moving house, it'll give you years of service.

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