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5 reasons why you need a SYMFONISK table lamp speaker

A person using the Sonos app to control their IKEA smart home products.

What do you call a lamp that plays music?

Some people call it a dance party in a lamp. Others call it a nightstand DJ.

We call it the SYMFONISK table lamp.

Whatever you want to call it, below are 5 reasons you need one.

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Reason #1

It's super cool! It looks like it belongs in Obi-Wan's living room. Its futuristic appearance will have friends and family saying "What an interesting lamp, and where is the music coming from?"

The SYMFONISK table lamp speaker is so unique, you will not find another product like it. It's the best sounding lamp in the world! It can be used in the kitchen, livingroom or wherever you need light and music.

They come in two colours: black and white. Plus, if you want to add some colour to your lamp, IKEA offers two new covers in red and blue that fit perfectly over the speaker.

    How to use your IKEA SYMFONISK table lamp with speaker.


    • Turning the light on/off does not turn on/off the speaker and audio.
    • Press play once to start the music where you left off.
    • Press play twice for the next song.
    • Press play three times for the previous song.

    A lit SYMFONISK table lamp speaker on top of a table surrounded by home decor products.

    Reason #2

    It's a two in one product! A SYMFONISK table lamp speaker can fill up your room with light and your favorite music. It also saves space. No need to find a spot for those massive vintage floor speakers your Dad gave you. All you need is a spot for a lamp and a Wi-Fi connection and you're good to go! Sorry, Dad.

    Find out how it works

    Reason #3

    It's built by IKEA and Sonos. The table lamp speaker is a collaboration between the two companies and easily integrates with other products from Sonos. The speaker sound is amazing! You can adjust the volume, treble and bass all within the Sonos app. So you can easily pump up The Weeknd on the weekend!

    Reason #4

    It can replace your alarm clock! With the Sonos app, you can set up alarms and wake up to whatever songs get you going in the morning (or evening). No more hearing that heart stopping BEEP! BEEP! at 6am. Sorry, alarm clock.

    A lit SYMFONISK lamp in a bright room sitting on an orange table, with a blue honey comb pattern wall in the background.

    Reason #5

    It's super affordable! You're probably thinking to yourself, this speaker lamp sounds amazing, but it must be expensive, right?

    Here's the best part. As you may know, IKEA creates products that are affordable for the many people. You can own a SYMFONISK speaker lamp today for the New lower price of $229.

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