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Storage space for you and your partner

Dare to mix business with personal life in your living room. The trick? Finding storage units where each person can have their own space, so you can manage both work and play.

IKEA HAVSTA dark brown storage cabinets with four open shelves, letting the leafy wallpaper of the room peek out from the books and boxes stored on the shelves.

Dedicate a storage space for you and your partner. Each can have their own personal storage space, outlined by marked boxes and books. Pick shelves that don't have a backing; this lets wallpaper shine through, and can preserve your home’s unique charm.

Having two separate armchairs lets you be together but apart at the same time. Two chairs also breaks up a room to give it a more airy atmosphere. Now you can coexist with coffee on one side and tea on the other.

For late nights, adjust a standing lamp’s head towards the ceiling or wall to get a more general, encompassing light. Or, switch on the lights mounted on top of your bookcase for more targeted, focused light.