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Living the lounge life

IKEA LIDHULT beige two-seater sofas and white BILLY glass bookcase shelves in a spacious living room setting.

Spend time in a spacious living room abode. There are plenty of BILLY bookshelves to store magazines, memories...and even some secrets stashed away behind mesh shelves.

IKEA LIDHULT light beige sofas facing a dark brown coffee table.

The more room, the merrier! Two sofa units and two armchairs make an ultra comfortable, ultra flexible living room. Sprawl across a sofa, take a power nap, read a book — or just relax.

IKEA LISTERBY rectangular brown coffee table long, storing books and boxes on a slated shelf below.

The coffee table is a place for your treasures to shine. Keep things safe in a dome case, and stack books at varying levels to create an interesting centerpiece.

IKEA NYMÅNE black anthracite pendant lamps hanging over a coffee table in a living room.

Add a pendant (or a pair) to create a centerpiece that also offers warm lighting. Hanging lamps provide decorative light that adds coziness and intimacy. Overhead spotlights on top of the bookshelf and inside each shelf illuminate the artwork and architecture you treasure most.

IKEA BOTTNA light beige display mesh shelves installed in a white BILLY bookcase, holding books.

Show off collector books and photography, or hold your tablet on these sloped shelves. The best part? You can lift the shelf to reveal a hidden storage compartment to keep more things.

IKEA EKEDALEN rectangular dark brown benches with plants on top, by the window.

Create your own indoor oasis: all you need is a bench to place your pots and plants. Placing them by the window ensures they can grow, while sheer curtains invite natural light inside.