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A living wall-to-wall gallery

Rather than hide things away, why not show them off in your living room? Let your furniture express who you are with colours and display cases that showcase the things you love most.

Sofas often stick outside of the carpet area because they are too large. Use two rugs to help frame your living room space.

Why settle for one when you could have three? An arrangement of pendant lamps brings an impact to the living room. But when turned on, their warm glow creates a soothing atmosphere.

If you love to create your own art, display the ones you are most proud of in a glass menagerie. (And if you’re an art-loving couple, make sure to have two). Add integrated lighting inside the display case to really bring the bling to your collection.

Here’s one way to create a gallery: arrange artwork on the wall with the same size and same coloured frames to create uniformity.

A sofa bed is perfect for guests or family members who want to stay the night — or if you want to bask in your collections all day. Modular sofas like VALLENTUNA let you change up your living room layout, and come in a variety of colours to express your style.

Having overnight guests require extra pillows and duvets – and that means, of course, the need for some extra storage too. Choose a sofa with seat modules with storage compartments and the problem is quickly solved!