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Organise around the odd architecture in a small bedroom

Most of us want to change the mood of our bedrooms or optimise our storage space, but don’t know where to begin — especially when the architecture in our home is unique. Flexible storage systems like PLATSA and UTÅKER beds can help give your room another dimension.

Build around your apartment’s architecture in a smart way with the PLATSA system. It's a modular series that you can plan and customise to adapt to your needs and room's architecture. Choose storage units or wardrobes with different heights to accomodate slanted roofs and other awkward spaces. Place boxes on top of the units to store bulky items or clothes you don’t use often. Adapt to your needs

Sometimes the little things can make the biggest impact, like using PLATSA as a bedside table and SKÅDIS as hanging storage. The two are lightweight and don’t take up much space.

One way to save space in a small bedroom is to use a stackable daybed; turn it into two beds at night. You can also bring life to your bedroom by mixing and matching graphic patterns together.