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A co-shared living space

Co-shared living space with IKEA FLOTTEBO dark grey sofa bed and NORDMELA blue dresser storage units.

As spaces get smaller in size and higher in price, we find ourselves needing to cohabitate. With smart storage solutions and an unconvential way to arrange your clothes, even the most unlikely roommates can find some common ground. See some smart storage solutions below for a one-room apartment.

IKEA FLOTTEBO dark grey sofa bed with three back cushions, opened.

Sofa beds are practical for cohabitation and roommate situations. You can install curtains to section off the room and create your own “room” for privacy at night. Store pillows and bed linens underneath the sofa when not in use.

IKEA NORDMELA dark blue storage unit with one drawer open showing clothes.

Keep your things separate from your roommate’s in different dressers. A mix of open storage and closed storage lets you fold socks and undergarments inside, while showing off your favourite clothes outside. Top it off with a display box to organise your accessories.

IKEA NORDMELA blue storage unit, being used as a bench with coloured cushion and ENEBY speaker.

A lot of storage doesn’t have to mean having a crowded room – place two low chest of drawers next to each other and put your interior favourites on them.

IKEA BJÄRNUM aluminium hooks mounted on the wall to hold yoga mats, skateboards and other items.

If you’re a yogi, save floor space by hanging mats up on the wall. BJÄRNUM hooks are long enough to hold rolled up mats, skateboards and more.

IKEA SVALNÄS bamboo wooden wall mounted shelf holding books and papers on 4 shelves.

Some places have to be shared. Dedicate a few shelves for your things, and the others for your cohabitant. Stacking books horizontally and displaying your favourite things can keep a shelf from looking cluttered.