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The mini laundry room

IKEA ALGOT upright shelves and LILLÅNGEN washbasin in a small laundry room within a small bathroom.

Tucked away behind two tiny doors is a laundry station that fits and functions in this small bathroom. The best part? Close the doors, and you won’t have to be reminded of the clothes.

A drying rack with adjustable shelves grows with you and your children, too. Kids can help with laundry duties on the lower racks. (And they can give their friend a bath!)

Organise detergents and laundry items up on a pegboard shelf — and away from small hands. You can also use a sturdy ALGOT shelf to fold clothes on (and instead of a shaky machine!)

Storing bulky items on top prevent them from disturbing your routines down below. And you can easily find what you’re looking through transparent boxes. So stack away!