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Keep a clutter-free bathroom

IKEA HEMNES bathroom series is a traditional furniture series with pure white drawers, towel stands, benches and clear glass cabinets to fit many spaces.

Glass cabinets, drawer units and hanging hooks make everything in this bathroom easy to see, grab, and store. The secret is to mix and match closed and open storage units.

IKEA HEMNES high glass cabinet is crafted from tempered glass, with a white powder coated frame. Its compact size makes it ideal for small space bathrooms.

Create your own bathroom menagerie. A glass cabinet allows you to see everything you have (and for others to see those fancy cufflinks). It can also make a small bathroom feel more open and airy.

Organise with IKEA HEMNES TÖRNVIKEN white open wash stand. The smooth-running and soft-closing drawer pulls out fully, while the rack below stores towels.

Open a sense of style — these drawers come with striped wallpaper on the bottom. Use boxes or dividers to help tame the mess lurking inside. Think about categorising things by type. Like washing your face, brushing your hair...the list goes on.

IKEA HEMNES white storage bench fits in many small space bathrooms. The towel rail lets you hang clothes and towels, while the storage bench is also a seat.

All in one! This storage bench saves you lots of space as you can hang clothes on it, sit on it and store toiletries.