IKEA PS 2017 Vase, assorted colours
IKEA PS 2017 Vase, assorted colours
IKEA PS 2017 Vase, assorted colours

This mouth blown vase is carefully made by a skilled glassblower who has developed the art of creating unique, finished glass products over many years. From the melting pot – to your home!

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The vase is made from leftover glass pieces of different colours, making the colour and pattern of each vase unique.The glass vase is mouth blown by a skilled craftsperson.Use the vase with flowers or alone, as a beautiful object in its own right.Designer

Iina Vuorivirta

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  • The material in this product may be recyclable. Please check the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities exist in your area.
  • IKEA PS 2017VaseArticle no:903.349.66
    Length: 27 cmWeight: 1.00 kgDiameter: 12 cmPackage(s): 1

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27 cm
11 cm

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Carefully shaped by skilled glassblowers

To make our mouth blown glass, we collaborate with skilled glassblowers who have developed the art of creating finished products over many years. At the glassworks, the glassblower gathers molten glass on a pipe and carefully shapes the glass. The talent, experience and creativity put into production makes each product personal – and just as unique as a piece of art in your home.

Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

”To create something unique that can also be mass-produced was an exciting challenge for me as a designer, and for IKEA. I wanted to find a way to pay tribute to both individualism and chance – the result was the IKEA PS 2017 vase. Despite all vases being mouth-blown in the same mould, they get a unique look because the melted glass is made of various shades of leftover material from the glassworks. The result is due to chance, and unique each time. Just like us humans.”
Designer Iina Vuorivirta

IKEA PS 2017
Vase, assorted colours

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IKEA PS 2017 Vase, assorted colours

IKEA PS 2017

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