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Chests of drawers & drawer units

A chest of drawers that suits you, your clothes and your space means no more cold mornings searching for your socks. Ours come in styles that match our wardrobes and in different sizes so you can use them around your home, for instance a tall chest of drawers in a narrow hall.

Clothes storage that makes your day a little easier

Make getting dressed and putting clean laundry back in as smooth as possible, with chests of drawers, clothes rails and glass-door cabinets for an easy overview.

See all chests of drawers
See all chests of drawers

Sizeable storage with an edge

You can fill up a HAUGA chest of drawers with lots of clothes. And why not put a vase on top as a finishing touch? The edges will keep it safe from falling.

See the HAUGA series
See the HAUGA series
How to prevent your furniture from tipping over.

Prevent your furniture from tipping over

Find out more about what makes a chest of drawers tip over and how you can prevent these accidents.