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There’s room for that: storage ideas to maximise any space

Even in a little studio apartment, life is lived with ease, organisation and enjoyment. Dinner with friends? Of course. An afternoon of illustrating? Absolutely. How? With more than a little help from clever, space activating storage solutions that take advantage of every opportunity.

A living area with white BERGSHULT/RAMSHULT wall shelves with white KUGGIS boxes with lids and a white LACK side table.
A living area with white BERGSHULT/RAMSHULT wall shelves with white KUGGIS boxes with lids and a white LACK side table.
A hallway with a black BURVIK side table in front of a white HAUGA wardrobe with sliding doors with one door slid open.

    Closed storage to open any space

    In this studio apartment, the hallway has become a storage hotspot. A closed wardrobe that lives in the same tonal world as the walls means that more storage can be packed in without overwhelming the space.

    Combination storage to hide and display

    A studio apartment means that different zones meld into one another, so it’s only fitting that storage follows suit. Long shelves display some objects while hiding others in boxes and with the sleep area next to the work zone, a single unit with open and closed storage makes space for both clothes and books.

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    Clothes hanging from hooks on a black HULTARP rail above a white VIHALS storage unit with a lit DEJSA table lamp on top.
      Shelves with white KUGGIS boxes with lids and transparent SAMLA boxes with lids and prints in black stained EDSBRUK frames.
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        Saving space by going vertical

        Sure, there isn’t a lot of floorspace here, but when you start looking up and not just down and side to side, there are many more options! Vertical storage like wall and shelving units with little footprints open the space dramatically, making small areas like the kitchen feel far more expansive.

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        An anthracite ENHET wall frame with shelves with glasses and dinnerware above a black/pine plywood BROR trolley.
          A room with a white ENHET high frame with shelves next to a white ENHET high cabinet with 4 shelves with a white ENHET door.
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            The best of both with open home storage

            Every home has its priorities and for the person living in this apartment, both organisation and charm needed to be considered. Open storage was the natural answer. Shelves and rails hold a lot of their possessions while also making for an attractive display.

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            A white LAGKAPTEN/ADILS desk against a wall below a white shelf and a black HULTARP rail holding three HULTARP containers.
              A white LACK side table and a pine PERJOHAN stool with storage below a white BERGSHULT shelf with white RAMSHULT brackets.
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                An open washstand drawer revealing a light beige VÅGSJÖN bath towel and smoked GODMORGON boxes with lids holding accessories.

                  Inside organisers for hidden storage

                  When one has a lot of possessions in a small space, inside organisers really do come to the rescue. In this studio apartment, even the smallest of items have a permanent address, making everything easy to find.