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How to create an outdoor living room

Join our Interior Designer Amy and pick up some tips on how to get your outdoor space ready for the warmer months ahead.

Turn your balcony or backyard area into an extension of your living room. Create a summer balcony table, an outdoor lounge, or somewhere to relax in the sun. Ask yourself what you want to do with the space.

Use combo furniture and outdoor modular furniture so you can adapt what you need to the space that you have.

Add multifunctional textiles like outdoor cushions that not only give pops of colour or relaxing neutrals, but also deliver comfort.

Choose a variety of greenery for your outdoor living room space. From small potted succulents to larger plants suitable for both pots and also garden beds.

Keeping your plants close to your seating area in plant stands and pots, makes it easier to take them indoors in the colder seasons or transport them if you move.

Reduce cords and plugs by using solar lamps and lighting stands. Simply leave them outside to charge during the day, and they'll light up the space when the sun goes down.

By choosing the right furniture and plants, dressing with soft textiles and lighting it up with solar lights, you're creating an escape from your home, without ever having to leave

AmyIKEA Interior Designer