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Our guide to Oriental rugs

Each rug has its own story, design, colours and sizes. When purchasing an Oriental rug, there is always the choice between flat woven or hand-knotted.  As each piece is unique, our Oriental rugs are only sold in the stores and not online.

Discover the story behind these unique rugs here. 

The Origin

The name of our Oriental rugs actually comes from the particular region it's made in. In practice, our rugs come from Turkish and Iranian tribes, among others. Oriental rugs are the only IKEA products that do not have a Swedish name, so the carpet PERSISK BELUTCH is purchased from the Belutch tribe. They are are usually made by the women of the family or the tribe for their own use.

In addition to the typical style and patterns of the region, you also get the personal background and taste of the maker. These carpets are sold by the tribe to IKEA, sometimes after 25 years of use. In turn, we clean them and, if necessary, do repairs. So before these beautiful carpets shine in your living room, they often have a whole life behind them, which only makes them more beautiful.

Types of rugs

Hand-knotted rugs

All Oriental rugs are unique. The region in which they are made can be derived from the name. The way they are produced can be very different. Some are woven into tents by the women of the tribe (Nomadic carpets). They are smaller, for practical reasons and sometimes have slight colour differences because the wool is dyed in smaller portions and is therefore mixed differently. Examples include “Gashgai” and “Belutch.” Other rugs are manufactured in workshops in cities. These rugs are larger and often have more detailed motifs. Examples “Nain” and “Shiraz.”

See all Oriental rugs
See all Oriental rugs

Flat-woven rugs and Kelims

These Kelims feel very different and are perfectly suited under a dining table or even as a tapestry. The beautiful colours of the Kelims give spice to your interior and can be combined beautifully with a contemporary décor. They are often thin, easy to move carpets. For years, carpets have been cut into smaller pieces over time and re-attached to each other. For this purpose, partially damaged (used) carpets are bought up and reprocessed. This creates a kind of patchwork of different motifs. At IKEA you can find them under the name SILKEBORG and PRESS KEL TEKKEH.

See all Oriental rugs
See all Oriental rugs


The use of high-quality wool and natural dyes in combination with refined craftsmanship ensures that these rugs last a lifetime. After years of correct use and maintenance, they only get better! With the certificate of origin, IKEA guarantees you that you have purchased an Oriental rug that is made in an authentic traditional way.


Always add an anti-slip layer (STOPP FILT or STOPP) under your rug. Vacuum the rug in the direction of the pile and rotate it regularly and it will last even longer. For dry spills, remove immediately by scraping carefully towards the middle of the spill. For wet spills; do not rub. Absorb with paper towels, damp with cloth and mild detergent. Professional carpet cleaning when needed.

See all anti-slip & underlays
See all anti-slip & underlays


Always on trend

Oriental rugs never go out of fashion, they can blend into almost every style such as industrial, Scandinavian, modern or traditional interiors. If you like to mix styles you can combine them endlessly to create an eclectic personalised look to suit your taste. Combining different pattern and colours can change the expression of your space entirely.

An escape in your own home

Relaxing is becoming more difficult in our ever-changing, hectic world. Creating a space to escape and unwind after a long day is becoming increasingly more important for our wellbeing. Combine a beautifully coloured Kelim with an abundance of plants, a reading chair and natural fibres such as rattan, banana fibres or seagrass. Your own sanctuary within your home, a space that you can call your own and truly relax.

A beautiful frame for dining

An Oriental rug with unique colours and patterns will compliment any dining space, blending with your personal style to create a perfect frame for dining. As our oriental rugs are low pile and handmade with wool, they are highly durable, hard wearing and naturally soil repellant, ideally suited for the dining room. They are practical, but are also a beautiful, soft texture to have beneath your feet while sharing a meal.

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See the gallery

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