SMAKRIK Rapeseed oil, organic, 500 ml
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Swedish rapeseed lovingly pressed into fine oil.Delicate and neutral. Brings all the qualities of oil without adding flavour.Withstands high temperatures: ideal for cooking, frying and baking.Organic food production aims at sustaining farming practices that are better for people and planet.A high quality oil when cooking or baking turns good into great.Store at room temperature, out of sunlight.
  • SMAKRIKRapeseed oilArticle no:704.171.42
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500 ml


It’s my favourite oilAnnaIt’s my favourite oil5
You know, the bottles ISandraYou know, the bottles I bought were the only ones left. The others were the same oil but with butter added to it. What's happened to the Caviar. I used to buy a couple every time I came to Ikea but there hasn't been any for ages.5
Feeling Healthy.HeatherUsed this oil for our barbequed meat. Gives you the full taste of the meat without an oily after taste. Has an amazing heating point that leaves a top char and no burning.5
Great oilRobynThis oil is wonderful to cook with5
A must for any kitchenSamanthaI can never get enough bottles of Rapeseed oil, it is the only oil I use in my kitchen. It adds no flavour and has a high smoke point. Its a must for any kitchen.5
Love itasayoI only use this oil for everything like cooking, baking and salad as well. Love love love.5
read how healthy this wasMichelleread how healthy this was so bought some to try5
Good tasteGemani01I bought this a couple of weeks ago for the second time5
Lovely oil...IkeabodGreat for making mayonnaise and aoli as it doesnt have an over powering flavour, also wonderful in a dijon vinaigrette ...and ...its ORGANIC!5
Cost Effective and tasty.Jules238I have bought the rapeseed oil three times now. Love the garlic infused one but you didn't have it the next time so I got the dill one. This time I got the plain one. I preferred the garlic but all were great. I use an air fryer and never have a problem with the oil smoking and burning. Great product.5
ExcellentPalko from SydneyI tried it instead of olive oil as it was not available at Ikea as it is a furniture shop and not a food store5
Very good product!lolaneilleyI buy the garlic one all the time. Now we need the onion infused too!! Organic is the way. Thanks IKEA!5
Good flavour and not overpoweringJ957Use this product as much as I use the more traditional Italian version. I enjoy the flavour and it’s great value5
eddie 82Have been want to try Rapeseed oil for a long time it is hard to find so I was excited to find it5

SustainabilityPeople and planet

Sustainable life at home

Organic food production

We want to source food from more sustainable sources and make it available at affordable prices. Alongside agriculture that minimizes the use of chemical inputs, organic food production is one of the ways we can achieve this goal. The definitions of organic vary across countries, but the intention is the same – good environmental practices, like preserving soil health, biodiversity, and human and animal health. In the IKEA store, you will find several organic food options.

Organic drops of Sweden

Your default oil in the kitchen is not made from rapeseed, right? Perhaps it’s time to reconsider. SMAKRIK is a versatile and truly Swedish series of neutral, naturally nutty or gently flavoured rapeseed oils. All with different qualities and characteristics. So whether cooking, baking, or adding a finishing touch to salads, seasonings and dressings, SMAKRIK turns good into great.

Mid-May in southern Sweden. Red barns, blue skies and rolling fields of yellow rapeseed flowers, shining like gold in the countryside landscape. This is the picturesque birthplace of the SMAKRIK rapeseed oils. There are two kinds; a pressed and a cold-pressed. The pressed has a neutral flavour and is perfect for cooking, frying and baking. It also comes as butter-flavoured. The cold-pressed has a nutty character and can take a more prominent role in the kitchen, as a final touch to zest almost any meal. It’s available in dill, thyme, or wild garlic flavour.

Organic, versatile and flavourful oils

David Johansson, chef and one of our food designers, points out health awareness as a reason to why organic oils such as SMAKRIK is becoming increasingly popular. But, to many, this alone isn’t reason enough. It’s also about the taste. “The neutral, pressed oil is really good when making a mayonnaise, and the butter-flavoured one can be used instead of butter when baking. The cold-pressed oil with dill flavour is great to curl over salmon before serving. The thyme and the wild garlic flavours fit perfectly with meat, just before it’s taken off the grill. Or as a last touch on top of the soup”, says David. SMAKRIK rapeseed oils are a great way to bring a touch of Swedish cooking into your home. The possibilities are as endless as the golden rapeseed fields of Sweden.

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Rapeseed oil, organic500 ml

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SMAKRIK Rapeseed oil, organic, 500 ml


$6/ 0.5 l