MATLUST Chopping board, green/white, 34x24 cm
MATLUST Chopping board, green/white, 34x24 cm
MATLUST Chopping board, green/white, 34x24 cm
MATLUST Chopping board, green/white, 34x24 cm
Article Number202.334.14

Product details

You can easily turn the chopping board and use both sides when you prepare food, because it has easy-to-grip slanted edges.Wash this product before using it for the first time.Designer

Jon Karlsson

  • Middle part:Polypropylene plastic
    Upper part/ Lower part:Polypropylene plastic, Polyethylene plastic
  • No BPA (Bisphenol A) added.The material in this product may be recyclable. Please check the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities exist in your area.
  • MATLUSTChopping boardArticle no:202.334.14
    Width: 24 cmHeight: 1 cmLength: 34 cmWeight: 0.82 kgPackage(s): 1

Product size

34 cm
24 cm
10 mm


Chopping boardsStewartThe boards slide on our stone top2
They don’t warp in dishwasherMelanieThey don’t warp in dishwasher5
Love itBerylLooks good on outdoor setting5
KylieKylieIt’s great 😊5
Good productGraemeWell made and looks good5
Can only use one sideLindaCan only use one side as I can't get the sticky residue off1
Easy stainedWhitneyI’ve cut carrots on it once and now it’s stained orange no matter how hard I scrub.2
Cutting boardMaureenGood size and weight for what it is intended to do.5
MATLUST chopping boardMelEasy to clean and use5
Great product easy to chopLeeannGreat product easy to chop on5
Great chopping boad brilliant valueJoshie77Great chopping boad brilliant value for money4
Got quite stainPixaystained pretty quickly and can't wash it out ( like tumeric) . Also really slippery so have to be carefull.1
Not long lastingnamzaI have bought a few of these and loved them for the coloured rim so they stand out inside a white cupboard. However, I have found that they just don't last very long. The plastic is relatively soft (compared to other plastic chopping boards that I've used) and so get marked up very easily. I worry about the safety of using a plastic board that has been 'shredded' by a knife. They also stain quite easily and no amount of bleaching seems to get them back to white. It's a shame, as they are a good looking board.3
Great chopping board. Simple.DDSTI've bought more and more of these, replacing my old ones as they've deserved to be thrown out5
TidyjgeeGood size. Easy to clean. Easy grip.3
Fun2Handy to have around in the kitchen.4
Fantastic surface .. definitely a great productZak72So pleased that I bought this product.. definitely a great choice5
Solid chopping boardOzzoOzzoI bought the green one and very happy with it. Thinking about buying other colours if I can find so I can colour code them. Green for greens, red for meat etc.5

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Chopping board, green/white34x24 cm

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MATLUST Chopping board, green/white, 34x24 cm