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Join us as we follow the sustainable living journeys of four Australian homes

​​Our research tells us that Australians want to live a more sustainable life, but one third (37%) are unsure on what action to take. ​​To help inspire Australians to take climate action into their own hands at home, IKEA has co-created four sustainable homes with four unique households across Australia.

​​Our Life at Home experts will look to understand their challenges, and then create personalised solutions with our range to transform their homes into spaces that not only looks beautiful, but has a positive impact to the planet. ​​

In collaboration with the IKEA X UTS Future Living Lab at the University of Technology Sydney, the 12 month IKEA + you Greener Living Case studies will look to showcase how small changes around the home can have a big environmental impact.

​​Our study will focus on energy, water, wellbeing and overall carbon footprint, as our four homes undergo a greener living transformation.

Meet the case studies

Learn more about the four Australian homes taking part in our Greener Living program. Hear about their challenges, goals and why they want to live a more sustainable life.

    A young Newcastle family striving for zero-waste

    Nestled in the regional city of Newcastle, Erika and David, are raising two young children Clark (5) and Vera (3) to care for the environment around them. With nature on their doorstep, the family are wholly committed to being sustainable wherever possible and are very conscious about minimising their waste footprint.

    Around their home you’ll find a mix of sentimental items, mid-century modern styling among an abundance of upcycled items including a worm farm, reclaimed brick garden bed and even an upcycled feature wall made from old floorboards. Art and crafts are a common activity the whole family enjoys, using recycled materials around the home – cardboard boxes, egg cartons and old toilet paper rolls.

    The children are hands on and involved in a range of home activities, from propagating plants, cooking and joining their parents when learning about sustainability. Vera particularly loves to get creative recycled materials to decorate and build, furniture and clothing for her doll house!

    Erika and David worked with IKEA Interior Designer Amy to incorporate simple yet effective solutions to better manage waste and energy usage in the home. This included a new pantry and waste organisation solution, energy efficient LED lighting and window dressings to help conserve energy.

    Follow their journey on instagram @IKEA_GreenerLiving_Newcastle

    Meet our Sydney family passionate about urban farming

    Residing in Sydney’s south west, Nirosha, her husband Anil, their two daughters Charlotte and Georgina, and dog Robert are balancing their lifestyle where city meets urban farming.

    Living sustainably is key for Nirosha, where she strives to ingrain the message to her children through their favourite household activities - gardening, cooking and recycling! The family’s backyard is their sanctuary and where they spend the most time together working on their fruit and vege patch, complete with strawberries, radish, kale and an assortment of herbs. Charlotte and Georgina love to help out with gardening, planting seedlings, watering the garden and learning about the value of agriculture. 

    Water and energy conservation are top of mind in this household. The family’s aquarium often doubles as a water source for their backyard and plants – which has nutrients and is rich in good bacteria, promoting healthy, fast and lush growth. Nature is also brought indoors with an abundance of living plants in every room, naturally creating a sense of calm and wellbeing, a number one priority for the family.

    IKEA interior designer Rizal worked closely with the family to ensure their sustainable activities remain a focus and were shown new ways and solutions to improve their set up, which now easily works with their routines.

    Follow their journey on Instagram @IKEA_GreenerLiving_Sydney

    A sustainable oasis in a Melbourne inner-city share house

    Rachel lives in a shared townhouse in a bustling inner-city suburb in Melbourne. She lives with a flatmate, as well her Italian Greyhound Alfonso and recently adopted cat Billy Bob. 

    Rachel previously lived in share-houses with big backyards, solar panels and veggie patches. She learnt a lot from her past enviro-conscious housemates, so she's endeavouring to bring these sustainable practices to life in her new home, albeit in a smaller space. She loves gardening and indoor plants and aspires to build a thriving vertical and edible balcony garden to offset the concrete jungle of the inner city. 

    Grocery shopping is where she places extra emphasis on reducing waste. Rachel often buys from local businesses and in bulk to reduce packaging. And where excessive packaging is used, the recycling fanatic in her kicks in.

    Rachel has found that establishing simple routines and systems is the easiest way to make sustainability a daily habit, and it also inspires housemates to get on board and live in a harmonious sustainable environment. 

    IKEA Interior Designer Amy worked with the house to design a space that really highlights energy saving through simple and affordable home furnishing. Refreshed window dressings to keep their home cosy in winter and cool in summer, as well as bedding and living room textiles that suit the seasons will hopefully see a reduction in heating and cooling systems used the home.

    Follow their journey on instagram @IKEA_GreenerLiving_Melbourne

    A family of 7 looking to do their part for the planet

    In a seaside suburb in Perth, you’ll find Rhonda and Johnny running a tight ship in their home, which caters to their four high school aged children, Cate, Bella, twins James and Ruby, her mother-in-law Jenny and two cats, Shadow and Tiger.

    Food waste and energy are most important to the family. Rhonda leads the family meals, often buying from wholefood grocers, in bulk and with minimal packaging. She prides herself when it comes to meal preparation, making food from scratch and in bulk – bread, pasta, jams, sauces – to ensure no food goes to waste.

    IKEA interior designer Rizal created the ultimate dream kitchen for any foodie, complete with a pantry, fridge and kitchen sink makeover. Smart solutions include glass food storage containers in all shapes and sizes, which line the fridge and pantry selves allowing better visibility for the whole family to know what food is on offer.

    As a family of seven, they work hard to reducing their energy use by turning off lights and appliances at the power point. However, with new solar panels they look forward to alleviating the pressure and seeing their energy bills reduce.

    While working with IKEA, Rhonda looks forward to making sustainability a habit in the home and top of mind for the family.

    Follow their journey on Instagram @IKEA_GreenerLiving_Perth

    Are you inspired by the impact of our four greener living case study homes? Join the Sustainable Everyday Living program made up of challenges for you and your household. Together, we can realise the power of the individual, where even the smallest actions can begin great change.

    Connect with other sustainable conscious consumers via our Sustainable Everyday Living Facebook Community Group.