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A better world starts at home

At IKEA, we want to inspire people to live a healthier and more sustainable life. We make most of our day to day actions and choices that impact the environment in our homes. Although many Australians are ready to start their sustainability journey at home, sometimes it's hard to know where to begin. But even small changes have a big impact.  

Join Anita Vandyke, Barry Du Bois and Reece Hignell as we explore ways to create a better world, starting at home. With easy tips and ideas on how to incorporate more sustainable and conscious choices into our routines, we showcase how simple swaps can improve our everyday lives and have a positive impact on our planet.   

Food better for you and the planet – Reece Hignell

Get inspired to create new meal ideas using more sustainable and plant-based products from our IKEA Food range in this episode of our A Better World Starts at Home series, as well as the importance of incorporating more plant-based food into our diets.

Our ‘Food better for you and the planet’ episode is co-hosted by Reece Hignell, a plant-based enthusiast chef, who participated in two seasons of MasterChef. Join Reece, along with Kelly, an IKEA Food co-worker, and Matt, an IKEA Kitchens co-worker, as they cook up an easy Moroccan tagine, grain salad and salsa verde using the IKEA veggie dogs and Nordic grains.

Conscious choices at home – Barry Du Bois

The ‘Conscious choices at home’ episode of our A Better World Starts at Homes series will inspire you with ideas and tips on how you can start, or even elevate, the sustainable choices you make around your home. This includes design and styling tips, plus making sustainable switches in our routines to reduce our impact on the environment.

The workshop is co-hosted by Barry Du Bois and Isabella, an IKEA Interior designer. Barry is a well-known Australian designer, television presenter and author. He is currently a co-host on The Living Room and often shares his advice on sustainable design and DIY.​

From old to new: The art of upcycling – Anita Vandyke

    The importance of upcycling is key to minimising waste materials being sent to landfill. ​ ​ The ‘From old to new: The art of upcycling’ episode of our A Better World Starts at Home series will look at how we can transform pre-loved, pre-owned and unwanted products into useful new items or materials. ​​

    The episode is co-hosted by Anita Vandyke, a qualified rocket scientist, medical student, artist, and the brains behind the popular zero-waste living Instagram @rocket_science, where she has documented her journey from the corporate world to a life of decreased consumption. She is joined by Aysha, one of our IKEA Interior designers.

    Create your own wall art using a LOHALS rug

     What you’ll need 


    1. Cut the end of the rug using the SY scissors 
    2. Pull the horizontal weaving to untwine the rug 
    3. You can cut your chosen fabric strips and tie to loose strands of jute 
    4. Use masking tape to paint your chosen pattern onto the rug