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Create a living room that’s clutter-free, every day

Has your living room picked up more than its fair share of furnishings over the years? We met up with a family from Werrington Downs, New South Wales, to help them curb their living room clutter and create a space that’s calm and coordinated, every day.
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Meet Jacqui and Ken. They live with their two kids Charlie and Pat live in the leafy suburbs of Sydney’s west. The friendly neighbourhood vibes have meant the young family have settled in happily over the last seven years and they describe their living room as a bit of a sanctuary from the stresses of the working week. Something not contributing to the room’s restful nature though, is a surplus of clutter accumulated over the years, as well as the feeling that the room doesn’t work as well as it could.

We looked to help out with practical storage, clear zones for different activities like work or relaxing while creating a calm, airy feeling by working with similar colours and natural lighting.

See those curtains to the left? They’re perfect for letting in light while still giving you privacy.
BESTA Storage combination
“One of my biggest frustrations,” Ken says. “Is clutter. I can’t stand it. Especially when you’ve got open shelves and stuff just piled into them. One thing can look decorative, 70 things, that’s just clutter.”

Our solution to the clutter crisis is to work with adaptable storage like this BESTÅ series. By using a combination of closed and open storage, you can show off your favourite collectibles, and safely store anything you’d prefer not to display.
LÅNGFJÄLL Swivel chair, Gunnared light green, white
Like a lot of households, the family’s living room has to wear a few hats as different activities play out over the week. By separating the living room into a relax space and a workspace it’s easier to organise your belongings where they’re most practical.
KUBBIS Rack with 7 hooks, white
If your living room shares real estate with an entry way too you’ll probably know it can be a bit of a clutter hot spot. Hooks mean hats and bags end up organised rather than on the floor. Creating a frame collage using the one colour (we went with white here) is an easy way to help accent the room with clean, coordinated look too.

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    Swivel chair, Gunnared beige, white

  • EKET

    Cabinet combination with legs, white




    Armchair, Orrsta light blue, white


    Rug, high pile, white


    Three-seat sofa, Tallmyra white/black, chrome-plated


    Cushion cover, grey/beige


    Rack with 7 hooks, white


    Nest of tables, set of 2, white stain


    Storage combination

"Everything just works, we’ve got the right seating, the right functionality, the right storage. I don’t whinge about the clutter anymore, I can’t begin to describe how good it is."