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IKEA app

It's easy to shop on the IKEA app

Welcome to the world’s most compact IKEA store – so small it fits in your pocket. Full of inspiration, ideas and products, the IKEA app is an easy way to make your home a little better, no matter where you are. Buy furniture, create shareable shopping lists, scan products in-store to learn more, check stock availability wherever you are and enjoy offers when you join as an IKEA Family member.

The future of home furnishing has just been released on the IKEA app

Download the IKEA app to start using IKEA Kreativ


Reimagine your home with IKEA Kreativ

Imagine you could see beyond your living room, knowing beyond your living room is an infinite number of possibilities. You just haven't been able to see it. yet. Make it happen now when you scan your room in the IKEA app and design your own space to bring IKEA 3D products into your home, in mixed reality, or start in one of our 50+ virtual showrooms.

Imagine that. Now make it happen.

Scan and pack in-store

With the IKEA app, you can now save time as you shop and keep an eye on your budget in-store by scanning your purchases as you shop. After you've scanned on the app you can continue and pay at the dedicated check-out on your way out.

How does it work?

  • Download the IKEA app on Google Play (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS).
  • Scan the QR code located throughout the store to activate the scanning tool in the IKEA app.
  • Scan your products as you shop.
  • Pay at the dedicated IKEA app check-out.

Don't miss an offer or sale

With the IKEA app, make sure you turn on your notifications, to be in the know about all our offers and sales. Access any offer or sale easily on the IKEA app and shop online or in-store.

Features our customes love on the IKEA app

Seamless shopping lists

Prepare for your visit by browsing our products and their stock levels in the app and adding them to your shopping list

Scan for more options

Use the built-in barcode scanner to learn more details about products, including materials, dimensions and customer reviews.

Out of stock? Maybe not!

See how you can get your goods by checking stock at other locations or ordering through the app if something is out of stock in-store.

Sign in and shop

Sign up and join our IKEA Family loyalty program or sign in to your account to get member-only discounts offered in the app.

Discounts and offers

Browse our offers section and see all of the latest deals including exclusive IKEA Family member-only discounts.

Get inspired

Explore and shop with inspiration. Use our augmented reality feature to see IKEA products in your own space.

Woman using a smart phone in an IKEA store.

Download the free IKEA app today

Find the whole IKEA universe in your pocket.