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The Giving Room

People suffer from the lack of medical essentials. Your contribution can lessen this suffering. 

Thousands of customers each year visit IKEA, UAE, to build a better home. MSF is giving these customers the opportunity to better the lives of millions of people suffering in troubled areas. 

The Giving Room is a new room at IKEA for a limited time only. It is a replica of a hospital room, where people won’t be shopping for sofas or dining tables. Instead, they will scan tags on wheelchairs, hospital beds, vaccination syringes, stethoscopes etc. that share heartbreaking truths about the obstacles to medical aid all around the world for MSF. Our aim is to turn awareness into donations. This will be achieved with the help of QR codes on each item displayed in the Giving Room. 

Visitors will be guided to scan these QR codes and donate on  People can also donate directly by visiting   and support MSF’s mission to provide free healthcare services to those in need.

*This campaign is registered in the UAE under permit PRHCE-000416269 by the Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department( IACAD)