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Living room

Your living room is for life

It’s the room where everything comes together. Big or small, your living room gives you the space to socialise, relax, store and display your favourite things, work or even take a nap.

See all living rooms
See all living rooms

Sofa-beds so cosy, your guests won’t want to leave

Getting together with friends and family is always a special feeling, like you want it to never end. And with a sofa-bed, your guests can stay over and you can continue over your morning coffee.

See all sofa-beds
See all sofa-beds

Top three series for seating and storage

Find all sofas, footstools, cabinets and shelving.

BILLY series.
BILLY series
 GRÖNLID series.
GRÖNLID series

Storage means putting away and finding later

Hiding seasonal gifts from your loved ones, or just warehousing some of that work stuff that keeps coming? Living room storage comes in all shapes, styles and for all budgets, so find exactly what you need.

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See all cabinets & cupboards

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