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Sweet spot: storage for privacy in a shared home

Whether working on a private project or indulging in a moment of quiet, we all need time to ourselves. In this large household, space for both shared and solo activities was a must, and by zoning up areas of the home and utilising smart storage solutions, the ideal mix was found.

White TROTTEN cabinets with sliding doors with a bright green ÄRTBUSKE vase/watering can on top of one of them.
White TROTTEN cabinets with sliding doors with a bright green ÄRTBUSKE vase/watering can on top of one of them.

Creating privacy in a shared bedroom

The two shared bedrooms have been split down the middle in different ways, with one using a more classic room divider and curtain combination and the other choosing hanging storage to partition the space. Picking a bunk bed also means there is always room for a guest without taking up valuable floor space.

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A bedroom with a white ELVARLI wardrobe combination next to a white VEVELSTAD bed dressed in white/grey bed linen.
A bedroom with two pine MYDAL bunk beds separated by a handmade rattan TOLKNING room divider and DYTÅG curtains.
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A white MELLTORP table with two red stained PINNTORP chairs and a RÖNNINGE chair below a white/birch BUNKEFLO pendant lamp.

Creating zones with storage

In a home with a largely open plan layout, zones for a diverse range of activities have been created with larger storage units, slicing up the area effortlessly and effectively.

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Private storage and organisation in common spaces

Both wheelable and lockable cabinets make it easy to keep private things organised, accessible and separated, even in communal areas of a home. In the bathroom, narrow shelves have also been divided up so that everyone has their own space without confusing products.

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A room with four HELMER drawer units on castors and four white TROTTEN cabinets with sliding doors against a wall.
A wall with three white HEMNES wall shelves filled with products and a white VÅGSJÖN bath towel.
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Three stacked birch KYRRE stools below four pine IVAR cabinets attached to a wall.

Closed wall storage that’s just for me

Closed wall storage close to the kitchen has been divided equally giving each housemate an individual space for more personal kitchen items, such as a delicious treat or special glassware.

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On wheels for easy organisation and extra space

Wheelable storage and surfaces make spaces so much more dynamic, whether it’s a trolley used for a single activity like painting, or coffee tables to change the function of a space.

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A room with a yellow RÅSKOG trolley filled with art supplies next to two white MELLTORP tables and a birch RÖNNINGE chair.
Magazines, books, a glass and a teapot on a white TINGBY side table on castors.
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