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All under one roof: a multigenerational one-bedroom apartment

Three generations in a one-bedroom apartment. To some, it may sound like a squeeze, but by carefully planning each space and considering both organisation and comfort at every step, this family doesn’t just live together – they thrive.

A dining table with a pendant lamp. A toddler, mum and grandmother sitting around the table while eating and laughing.
A dining table with a pendant lamp. A toddler, mum and grandmother sitting around the table while eating and laughing.

A small living area for a lot of relaxing

Long-time lovers of the quieter life, adding a little person into their home only emphasised the need for a calm, shared space. While total silence is a thing of the past, their living room remains a cosy corner with a welcoming sofa to flop upon, kick up one’s feet and slow the tempo after a busy day.

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A SÖDERHAMN three-seat sofa, armchairs, curtains, lamps, a rug, tables and cushion covers in a living room.
A living room with a SÖDERHAMN three-seat sofa, cushions and two armchairs, around a coffee table with books on top.
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Pull up a seat in a dining area that does it all

Every home has its heart and in this dainty apartment, that’s the dining area. With a mix of seating from highchairs to ergonomic, there is space for everyone – and every activity! Display cabinets and framed botanical prints express personality, while multipurpose pieces like trolleys add practicality.

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A GRÅVAL junior highchair with tray, placed in a dining room, near an extendable table, chairs, a pendant lamp and curtains.
Three SÄLLSKAPLIG wine glasses on a table, near two glass carafes, plates, cutlery and a vase with flowers.
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A grey HAUGA glass-door cabinet in a dining room, near wooden furniture, a table, a lamp, vases and three frames on the wall.
A NISSAFORS black trolley, with a pot, serving bowls, cutlery, a glass jar and two carafes in a dining room.

What’s cooking?

Life gets busy, but time is always made for a homecooked meal. Sometimes this looks like afternoons pouring over recipe books at the counter, other times it’s a quick, nutritious salad. Hooks and rails make up for this kitchen’s footprint, meaning every pot, pan and utensil can be grabbed on the fly.

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Black HULTARP rails on a wall with hanging pans, pots and cooking utensils, with a glass jar and a cookbook below.
A kitchen with brown ENKÖPING drawer fronts with anthracite knobs and handles, cabinets and cooking utensils on rails.
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A white SUNDVIK cot, with a children’s duvet cover, a pillowcase, a cushion, a throw, a lamp, toys and a rug, in a bedroom.

Off to dreamland we go

In this home, they try to stick to a good bedtime routine for baby. Every night, warm nightlights, cosy bedding and a bedtime story surrounded by her favourite soft toys set the tone for a good night’s sleep.

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A bedroom to be shared

Before baby came along, her bedroom was a sanctuary for solo pursuits and even though she now shares it with an adorable roommate, its essence remains unchanged. A bed covered in layers of natural textiles makes for a soft landing and a well-organised desk gives her a dedicated zone to catch up on paperwork.

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A bedroom with a dark grey IDANÄS upholstered bed frame with grey and pink bedding sets, a tray table and a table lamp.
A white HAUGA desk in a bedroom with a swivel chair, a pair of curtains, a grey-green throw, a work lamp and magazine files.
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One bathroom for all ages

Shared by all three, turns are taken in the bathroom so that everyone has their own time, finding the things they need in their own dedicated drawers. They’re proud that they’ve created such calm and order with not much space to spare and if asked, they’d tell you that they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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A bathroom with a white HEMNES/RÄTTVIKEN wash-stand, wall lamps, a storage bench, a baby bath, bath mat and towels.
Two white HEMNES high cabinets with glass-doors, toiletries placed inside, boxes with lids and a mirror on top.
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