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مساحة عمل صغيرة في النهار، غرفة طعام في المساء

Fluid living doesn't have to be complex. A trolley and rolling drawer units are the moving parts around a table, and can help turn your small home office back into a dining table.

SKÅDIS can be used in the office...or in your dining area. Mount it close to your table and use it to hold oils and condiments. Now they're just an arm's reach away!

Customise your table legs! Each ADILS leg is sold separately, so you can mix and match colours to create a design that matches your style.

With BERGSHULT shelves and PERSHULT brackets, you can customise the height and depth of your storage. Place deeper shelves higher up so you don't bump into them. You can also mount a couple of display boxes and use them to store makeup or other items.

When your workspace is also your dining space, you might need extra storage for seats. Just look up! You can hang foldable seats on a wall by mounting a few sturdy hooks.

When work mode is on, pull LENNART drawers close to the table. Thanks to the wheels on one side, it can easily be rolled back and forth. When you're done for the day, pull up a RÅSKOG trolley with all your snacks and kitchen supplies.

By using chairs and tables that are ideal for both dining and working, you can easily transfer from work to play. LINNMON table can be used for around-the-clock meals and last-minute projects.