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IKEA West Chester Services

$59 for Local Delivery
We’ve lowered our delivery price for our local customers*! For a $59 flat rate, you can have your products delivered to your home in the Greater Cincinnati area, Dayton and Northern Kentucky!

Same day, next day or future dates are available depending on your zip code. Same day delivery available if service is booked & purchased by 1:00pm, space permitting.

For $10 more, we'll pick everything on your shopping list. So we'll pick and delivery for $69. That’s $30 off the previous price. This offer is valid only at IKEA West Chester store for select local zip codes. Please see attached zip code list for eligible zip codes.

It’s now easier than ever to shop at IKEA!

1. Visit our store and get inspire!
2. Create your shopping list (you can even start this on and the IKEA app)
3. A coworker will set up your picking and delivery service
4. Take your order sheet to checkout and you’re done!
In-Store Individual Kitchen Planning Service!
Create a detailed layout for your kitchen with a Certified Professional Kitchen Planner. This Service includes:

• Personal session with a Professional Kitchen Planner (up to 2 hours)
• Detailed layout of your kitchen including cabinets, appliances, and IKEA countertops
• 3D view drawing prepared with the IKEA Home Planner
• Itemized price quote for IKEA Kitchen products

Price starts at $59 based on Zip code; $10 when bundled with measuring appointment. All appointments must have measurements ready. Measuring service available for a small fee that is given back* at the time of kitchen purchase.

Ready to get started?

*IKEA FAMILY members will receive an IKEA Gift Card valued for the planning service when you purchase your kitchen with us.
Terms and conditions apply, see store for details
Picking with Delivery
If you need us to collect the items on your shopping list, we are here to help!

We will carefully gather all of your merchandise and arrange for home delivery, all this starting at just $99.
That's right, we'll pull it for you and arrange delivery to your home starting at just $99!

Just want us to pick it?
For a $40 flat fee, we'll pick the items on your shopping list while you wait. There's no limit to how many items you can add. Just see a coworker, create your list, pay at the checkout and while you wait, we'll pick your items.

*This service is for in-store purchases only and based on products in-stock. Live Plants and assorted articles are ineligible for Picking with delivery. The $99 pricing based on zone 1 deliveries.
Home delivery is provided by independent service providers.

Assembly with delivery service
Assembly with Delivery Starting at $89!
IKEA products are designed to be assembled by you. That way, you’ll save the most money. However, we can arrange an experienced independent service provider to assemble your new products for your home or business.

Assembly service is available only when delivery is purchased. Pricing starts at $89 and is based on the value of merchandise you want assembled, excluding sales tax.

Furniture Assembly Tier
Value of MerchandiseAssembly Cost

After $3,499 each additional tier of $500 value of merchandise is an additional $100 for assembly

Sofa Assembly Tier
Value of MerchandiseAssembly Cost
$1,000 & up$79

● Mattress cost -- included with delivery

*Assembly is arranged when home delivery is ordered in the store. Assembly is not available for online orders. In-home service provided by independent service provider.
assembly with delivery
Kitchen Planning
Measuring Service starting at $49
"Measure once! Just like preparing ingredients to bake a perfect cake, careful measuring is key to the success of your new kitchen. Precise measurements and an accurate survey of the conditions of your existing kitchen lead to an accurate kitchen plan and ease of installation. But not everyone is good with a ruler or feels confident about taking on this straightforward but critical step in the process.

That’s why we are happy to offer a Measuring Service that will send an experienced professional from an independent service provider to your home to assess the conditions and provide accurate measurements. Not only can this service save you all kinds of headaches, but when you buy an IKEA kitchen, it costs you nothing – your Measurement Service fee is refunded to you when you buy an IKEA kitchen.

Measuring Service includes:
• Room dimension (height, length, width)
• Dimension and position of windows and doors
• Position of external walls
• Width of all windows (including sill) and their height above the floor
• Position of sloping ceilings
• Position of electric, water and gas connections and other fixtures, e.g. Pipes, radiators, etc.
• Confirm that all room corners are square
• Confirm that all included walls are plumb
• All required dimensions will be entered into the IKEA Home Planner, saved to your own account under your unique user profile within 24 hours.

IKEA Business
Smart Small Space Office Solutions
IKEA has thousands of affordable solutions and ideas for your small business and home needs. From storage to display, workspaces to waiting rooms, salons to boutiques, you will find products and solutions to make your place of business more personal, comfortable, efficient and inspiring for both your staff and your customers!

Business Furnishing and Design Consultants are available at IKEA to assist in creating the perfect vision for your home, business or even commercial rental properties. From planning to assembling, financing and delivery, our professional design consultants have solutions to meet your home and small business needs!

Contact us today to schedule an appointment!
Call: 513-779 -9175 x 1928
Email to:
IKEA Business Offers Affordable Office Space Solutions
Have A Large Group
Visiting Our Store?
We love to show what our store has to offer. If you would like to bring a large group, go right ahead. The more the merrier!

If you would like, we offer "Meet & Greets." It's a 5 minute presentation by one of our coworkers that tells visitors about our store, how to shop, services we offer and answers any questions. After the meet & greet, visitors are free to explore our store on their own.

"Meet & Greets" must be scheduled on a weekday and at least one month in advance of visit

To schedule a "Meet & Greet" at IKEA West Chester:
Call 513-779-7100 and ask to speak to Public Relations about scheduling a meet & greet at our store. Due to the size of our store, we do not offer tours.

store group visits